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Welcome to the Dream Report “Example Reports and Templates” Gallery.  This is a view of some the many reports that are possible with Dream Report.  Most reports are included with the product.  Others are available from third parties.  Dream Report offers a Report Lock, enabling third parties to create reports and then offer them to others for a fee.  See each description for details about the report and how to get more information.

If you have reports that you would like to market through Ocean Data Systems, Contact Us and we would be happy to post them here.

Reports can take many forms.  These are all displayed as PDF files.  While that is a popular format, Dream Report will also generate Microsoft Excel Files (.xls), Comma Separated Variables (.csv) and can log to relational databases.

CIP / SIP Report
Document Protocol Adherence – It is important in each case, to generate the proper reports to validate an adherence to Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP). That is where Dream Report comes in. Through the ability to automatically sense process conditions, and access all automation data sources, Dream Report is able to automatically generate CIP and SIP reports to prove compliance with company standards.
Source: Contact ODS for this report

Production Report
Production reports can deliver information through graphics, trends, bar charts and many more objects. Present the information is the ways that enable your teams to best interpret the results and drive action.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Bar Graphs version 4.6
Version 4.6 delivers even prettier objects, such as 3D Barcharts, background images and additional drawing styles. You’ll be generating reports to be proud of with Dream Report Bar Chart objects.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Data Tables
One major strength of Dream Report is to dynamically present results in Tables. Tables can display raw query data, add calculations and apply filters. Want hourly summaries with on the hour timestamps? Not a problem in Dream Report. Complete with pagination, page numbers, and alternate output formats like .CSV and Excel .XLSX.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Charts and Trends version 4.6
With a major step forward, version 4.6 delivers the prettiest chart objects of any industrial automation product. Selective coloring, chart backgrounds, powerful style options and incredible flexibility put Dream Report and its charts in a class of its own.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Performance Indicators 2 version 4.6
Indicator enhancements and new indicators, delivered in Dream Report version 4.6, display your data as never before. For use in fixed reports, or in dashboards through the Dream Report web portal, these indicators let you display results that are a joy to view and appropriate for a wide range of markets.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Dream Report Web Portal
There are several types of reports in Dream Report. PDF is a common output. Microsoft Excel and CSV are other outputs. But the most interesting, by far, is the Web Portal and Web Reports. Web Reports are interactive. You can select times, variables and batches to view in Web Reports. You can also interact with data – Search and sort tabular data and pan and zoom trend data.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Widgets – Dream Report Display Objects
Dream Report Display objects are called Widgets. You’ll get a robust library of powerful display objects with which to build your reports and populate your web portal. You can create a beautiful dashboard for your KPIs. Objects are extremely flexible. You control the visibility, size, colors and scales.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Water Distribution Report
This is an example of a water distribution report for a small municipality. Whether your report is a simple single page or a complex system that needs 20 pages, Dream Report will deliver.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Example Water Report for the State of Maine
Water pumpage reports, or water turbidity reports are one of many reports that are easily configured with Dream Report. Our System Integrator partners are experts in configuring reports to meet state and federal water reporting.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Thermal Uniformity Survey (TUS) Reports
Dream Report delivers an extremely powerful tool for certifying your thermal processes. There are various standards for heat treat processes. They include AMS 2750E, CQI-9 and NADCAP. AMS 2750 E (Aerospace Material Specifications) is applicable for the industrial processing of high-quality materials. AMS 2750 E and derivative standards such as AMS 2770, for example, are for the heat treatment of aluminum are the guidelines for the aerospace industry. Dream Report meets these reporting requirements.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Oil and Gas Industry Reports
The Oil and Gas industry abounds with reporting requirements, from compliance reports for regulatory agencies to performance reports and equipment maintenance reports. There is no doubt that Dream Report can meet your requirements.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Pie Charts
Dream Report delivers all the display pbjects you’ll need to convey information in the best possible way. Pie Charts are just another example of the flexibility Dream Report offers.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Performance Indicators
One of our favorite indicators comes out of requirements for building performance monitoring, but is well suited for so many other applications. You control the ranges and the colors. Dream Report delivers this performance indicator along with many others, so highlight your performance in a report or on a Web Portal.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Water and Wastewater – Monthly Operating Report (MOR)
Water and Wastewater applications are one of our largest application categories. The Monthly Operating Report is commonly needed to meet either State or Federal reporting requirements. Dream Report will deliver these standard reports and any other reports you’ll want to run your plants as efficiently and reliably as possible.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Building Automation System Component Monitoring and Management
You need to know your systems are operating reliably and with expected performance. Dream Report will calculate the up-time, down-time, run-time and will keep you informed of what you need to react to. Automatically.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Equipment Performance Monitoring
Are you interested in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)? Up-time, Down-time, Run-time? Need maintenance reports and work-orders delivered automatically? Need a corporate or department dashboard to view all your assets? Dream Report delivers.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
Are you interested in the performance of buildings? Dream Report delivers everything you need to calculate and document building efficiency. Dream Report delivers the graphic objects required by various BAS directives.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Charts and Trends
Trends and Charts are a powerful visual to understand relationships. Dream Report objects are flexible and powerful. Color trends based on conditions. Pan, Zoom and interact with trends and other objects through the Dream Report Web Portal.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Extracting and Analyzing Data
Dream Report delivers countless ways to retrieve data from any number of data sources and analyze that data both simply and smartly. You have the option of applying canned analytics and can create completely custom analysis. But the key is simplicity. No scripting, no programming.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Batch Reporting 2
Dream Report knows about Batches. Build batch reports as you want them. Insert graphics and superimpose batch information. Lay them out with Trends and Tables. Dream Report will automatically paginate, dynamically size tables and trends and make your batch reports look beautiful.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Batch Reporting
Dream Report knows about Batches. It’ll recognize batch IDs, calculate start and stop times and adjust queries automatically. If your Batch has phases, Dream Report will automatically identify steps and build reports with sections as necessary.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Bar Graphs and Histograms
Bar Graphs are an important tool for displaying data. Dream Report delivers the flexibility you need, with both static and dynamic visibility attributes. View in PDF reports and on the Dream Report Web Portal.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Automatic Statistics Table
Gone are the days of complicated queries and calculations or Excel manipulations. Dream Report delivers a powerful set of standard statistics that can be applied to data sets from automation environments. Dream Reports understands the needs of automation and these statistics are ideally suited to the needs of automation.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

Alarm Reporting and Alarm Analytics
Dream Report offers a great deal of alarm reporting functionality. With the ability to understand alarm data sources, from OPC AE to relational database and proprietary formats, Dream Report can deliver the alarm reporting and analytics to go along with your batches, processes, and monthly operating reports.
Source: Delivered with Dream Report

There is no report that we can’t handle.  Put Dream Report to the test!