Dream Report Dashboard Online Help

Dream Report Version 5 introduces a powerful new Dashboard that delivers access to Dream Report data sources and analytics as well as data from your business systems.

Access To the Dream Report Dashboard Online Help

Dream Report is brought to you through a network of OEMs, Representative and Distributor Companies, and System Integration companies.  The first line of support should always come from those that provided the software.  They are experts in the systems that Dream Report is connecting to, and they understand your application and your needs best.  You are welcome to contact us too.  We love to hear from our users.

Dream Report Online Knowledgebase

That is a space that delivers a great deal of information in the form of application notes and other valuable documents.

English – https://dreamreport.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DreamReport/overview

Russian – https://dreamreport.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DRRUS/overview

Email Ocean Data Systems Technical Support
(Best Method of Support)

Email:  support@dreamreport.com

Call Dream Report Technical Support

Tel (Europe): +33 9 77 197 577 or +33 4 78 198388
Tel (USA):       Primary support number +1 (774) 421-9777  or this backup number  +1 (610) 202 3940

Contact us on Skype: support.dr

Support for Dream Report OEM Partners and Customers

The Dream Report Case Management System:

If you wish to have access to our Case Management System, please send an email to Support@DreamReport.net and you will be provided with a Username and Password.

Technical Support Portal for Dream Report OEM Customers

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