The Art of Industrial Intelligence

Dream Report™ is taming that ocean of data! It’s the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from virtually any data source and Dream Report will provide automated reports to anybody, anywhere and any time.

Built on today’s modern technologies, Dream Report fits perfectly for all types of reporting, from compliance reporting to performance, efficiency, and maintenance reporting in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets. Dream Report makes information gathering and formatting so simple, you’ll be generating the Reports you want, not just the reports that you absolutely need… Dream Report is setting the new paradigm.

One of our very first customers – Using Dream Report over 10 Years!

Web Portal Demo

Dream Report delivers a Web Portal enabling you to see your reports and interact with them.
The Portal is Mobile aware and these buttons will enable you to view our Demonstration Portal in its Mobile form or full PC form.

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World’s Leading solution for “Industrial” Reports
Resold and recommended by more companies than any other “Industrial” solution.  Dream Report is “Purpose Built” for automation related reports and dashboards.  User friendly, programming and scripting free.  There is no better solution for compliance and performance reports and dashboards.  Available in 14 languages, it’s the global solution you’ve been looking for.

Regulatory Reports so you can be in business
There are reports you must have, to be in business. They are EPA Reports in Water and Waste Water – Power – Chemicals – Oil and Gas, FDA Reports in Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Leeds and EPBD Reports in Building Automation. Dream Report does them all, and so many more! And by automating them, Dream Report slashes the time you’re spending in generating reports, to the fraction required to review and approve them. Dream Report saves you time, reduces errors and lets you focus on what really needs to be done, in whatever market you’re in.

Automated Reports to improve your business
If you’re spending 10 minutes a day analyzing data, then you’re wasting $1450 per year* in busy-work. And, you’re likely the only one benefitting from that analysis. A report with all your KPIs, generated automatically, delivered to all stake-holders, becomes the catalyst for continuous improvement. Now take that one report value and spread it over the 10 to 15 or more reports in a typical Dream Report installation and you have a payback in days or months.
*Based on an average process engineer’s salary

Ad-hoc Analysis when and where you need it
Compliance and Performance Reports and Dashboards are great. But when there’s a problem, you need the ad-hoc ability to drill into your data, select Tags, Pan and Zoom Trends, Export results for further analysis, anytime and anyplace. Dream Report delivers that too. Empower everyone in your workplace with access to information.

Why choose Dream Report?

  • It’s Award Winning and designed specifically for the world of automation

  • It’s the simplest and most elegant solution to generate reports and data dashboards

  • It’s the latest technology designed specifically for all vertical markets

  • It’s a configurable solution that doesn’t require programming or IT skills

  • It leverages all real-time, historic, and business data sources

  • It’s designed for reliability, a solution you can rely on 24 x 7 x 365

  • It’s secure, ICS-Cert tested and proven in 1000s of applications

  • Distribute and manage reports automatically – web portal, email, FTP

  • Its WYSIWYG development is the ideal report development environment

  • It’s a scalable solution that will fit perfectly with your application

  • And, it’s localized, available in any language you dream in!