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NEW Dream Report Version 5 R20.1

Dream Report 5, our greatest version yet.  We’ve had the initial release and 3 subsequent maintenance releases.  If you haven’t upgraded yet, you should, and to entice you, we’re having a special deal where you can pay 50% of the license fee instead of all missed support. Normally, support is 18% of your license price, per year.

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What’s in Version 5 and subsequent maintenance releases?

New Features of 5.0 Release

  • NEW – Interactive Dashboards with Drill-down and Filtering
  • NEW – Custom Objects Builder – Gantt Chart, Circle Chart, other examples
  • NEW – MQTT Real-time Driver
  • NEW – XML Report Output Format
  • NEW – Cost Calculator
  • Enhanced – Web Portal Performance and Refresh
  • NEW – On-line Electronic Signature – 21 CFR Part 11
  • NEW – OPC DA Analytics Data Server
  • Enhanced – Advanced ODBC Historical Alarms Driver (ISA 18.2)
  • Enhanced – Alarm Filtering (ISA 18.2)
  • NEW – System Driver for Diagnostic Analytics
  • NEW – API Toolkit for Connector Plug-in Development
  • NEW – Tested with Windows Embedded – 7 (SP-1), 8, 10, 10 (IOT)
  • NEW – Server 2019 Support

Read about the Version 5 release


Maintenance Version 5.0 Release 2

  • NEW – Centralized Advanced Visualization Manager
  • NEW – Centralized Time Definition Manager
  • Enhanced – Search and Replace
  • NEW – Report Settings Panel Chart object now offers precision settings and data value formats. See the data exactly as you wish.
  • CSV Driver – filter and replace characters
  • Email Configuration – Send Test Email
  • HTTP: and HTTPS: Web Portal Support
  • Data Modeler – Supports Descriptors and Units
  • Custom Widgets support Dynamic Tokens
  • New Custom Objects – 2 Gages, Trend, Pie, Value Range Indicator, Progress Bar, Retort, Time Scale, Value Scale, Gantt Chart, Circle Chart, SQL Bar Chart.

Maintenance Version 5 Release 19.3

  • NEW – FactoryTalk Driver – Live Data (Beta)
  • NEW – FactoryTalk Driver – History Data (Beta)
  • NEW – FactoryTalk Driver – Alarm/Events Data (Beta)
  • NEW – FactoryTalk Driver – View SE Alarm and Events Database
  • NEW – Real-time Driver for S7 200/300/400/1200/1500 PLCs
  • NEW – Web Portal Hosts External Content
  • NEW – Main Version Number plus (Year and Quarter of Release)

Maintenance Version 5 Release 20.1

  • NEW – OPC UA Driver – History Data
  • NEW – Chart – Log Base 10 Support
  • NEW – Report Data Server – OPC HDA Support
  • NEW – Dynamic Tokens in Table Headers
  • NEW – Audit Trail Tracks Remote Development
  • NEW – FactoryTalk Driver – View SE Alarm/Event Table Selections
  • NEW – GE Proficy Historian Time Zone Support

Maintenance Version 5 Release 20.2

  • NEW – Panel with pre-configured objects
  • NEW – Send reports by e-mail by clicking a button in Web Portal (also with dynamic recipient addresses)
  • NEW – Include CSV/XML report in body of e-mail
  • NEW – Set number of report copies to be printed
  • NEW – Set 0 in Item Field, Expression, Compound object when calculation returns N/A
  • NEW – Custom Objects: Sector-Pie and Sector-Doughnut
  • NEW – Configure step correction in Step Table
  • NEW –  “Reset Manual Input” option in configuration of Submit Action Button
  • NEW – Support for redundancy in PcVue driver
  • SPC function that allows to write information about Nelson rules violation to a tag
  • AVC in Web Chart set to interactive mode
  • AVC limits in Step and SQL table can now take value from another table column
  • Enhanced security in Dream Report Studio and Web Portal
  • Web DateTime pickers now use project settings for date format and week start
  • Added decimal precision support in Item Table
  • Certificates and user authentication in OPC UA HDA and OPC UA DA drivers
  • And more!

Maintenance Version 5 Release 20.3

  • NEW – Added new communication driver for Rockwell Automation PLC’s
  • NEW – Added support for write-back to the real time tags in Remote Connector
  • NEW – Licensing – Removed limitations for Eurotherm drivers from the license provided in archestra.lic, (not in Dream_Report_WW)!
  • NEW – OPC DA – Added possibility to change Update Rate parameter from configuration dialog in OPC DA driver.
  • And more!

Note – The Dream Report Release notes are in the Documentation Directory and give a much more detailed description of new features and anomaly fixes.


Attention System Integrators – Get Listed in our Directory

We are in the process of creating our System Integration Directory and have chosen the “Automation Integrator Guide” to host this Dream Report Directory.  This Directory is FREE and we urge you to create a profile, or if you have one already, add your Dream Report competency to it.

You benefit from being a part of the leading System Integration Directory in our industry and being able to list all your unique capabilities at no cost.  And we benefit from your ability to highlight Dream Report, and we’ll be displaying that list on our Website.  We’ll also be working with the Automation Integrator Guide to let us highlight our Endorsed System Integrator Partner status.  If you are unaware of our Endorsed program, please contact


Dream Report wins the “Engineers’ Choice Award” for the 3rd year in a row!

Thank you to all of you that voted for Dream Report.  This is the industry’s most coveted award and we are so proud that you’ve chosen Dream Report again for this honor.  We continue to have big plans for Dream Report, giving it major enhancements with every release.  If you have special requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See our Press Release on Winning