Dream Report Downloads

Dream Report downloads are fully functional in a demonstration mode and they include a powerful set of demonstration reports and templates.  The demo mode operates for 30 minutes at a time and may be restarted.  It also allows you to test the Dream Report Web Portal capability.  A valid license will unlock Dream Report permanently.

Download the Dream Report Program


Dream Report Installation Program

NEW (Released July 3, 2018)

This is Dream Report. We’re sure you will like it. Any questions, please feel free to contact us. Also, Dream Report offers a very powerful Web Portal. Having Windows IIS properly set up prior to Dream Report installation will enable the Web Portal installation. You’ll receive instructions in the Download email. Please be sure to check your spam filters as emails with links often end up there. Dream Report is a fast moving product with new enhancements and updates coming all the time. Version 4.83 is a maintenance release and is available to all version 4.8 users.


Download Product Upgrade Procedure From One Version to Another


Dream Report Project Version Upgrade Procedure

This document describes the step by step project upgrade procedure to a version 4.x from older versions.