Dream Report Training

Dream Report training is available all around the world.  Ocean Data Systems offers many options for Dream Report training as you will see below.  You should always check our website calendar for a current training schedule, or contact Sales@DreamReport.com with your interest and we’ll notify you of new classes.

Dream Report Training Calendar


Training Class Offerings

Ocean Data System’s classes are taught by the Dream Report experts, where you will gain the knowledge and skills, and benefit from real-world examples, to maximize the value of your Dream Report installations.  They are a great way to fast-track your Dream Report development skills and take your reporting skills to the next level.

  • Dream Report Fundamentals Class – This three-day class introduces you to all the features and benefits of Dream Report.  It is an instructor lead and lab-oriented class.  You’ll receive your own training manual and will follow step-by-step instructions while you work through the many lab examples that you’ll be using in your own applications.  Fundamentals Training Class Syllabus
  • Dream Report Advanced Class – This two-day class introduces you to advanced topics when working with Dream Report.  A pre-requisite is the Dream Report fundamentals class or an equivalent achieved through past practices.  This is an instructor lead class that also offers you your own training manual.  You’ll work through advanced topics through a series of step-by-step application examples.  Advanced Training Class Syllabus


Training Class Delivery

Online Training Hosted by Ocean Data Systems – Ocean Data Systems offers online training for up to 10 students at a time.  Online training leverages Web Technologies to give remote access to virtual machines that contain the Dream Report installation and training materials.  The instructor leads the class through Webinar technology and students follow the class on their own virtual machines.  The instructor also has the ability to assist with individuals through one on one connections.

Onsite Training – Our instructors are available to travel onsite and run the training class of your choice.  Onsite Training is limited to 12 students per class.  The company is responsible for the venue and lunches.  Each student will be responsible for their own computer.  Ocean Data Systems will work with students prior to the class, to install Dream Report and associated training materials.

Regionally Hosted Ocean Data Systems Lead Training – Ocean Data Systems trainers will travel to a location and run a Dream Report training class.  The training is hosted at a training facility and will be attended by up to 12 students from a variety of companies.  Computers, Training Materials and Lunches will be supplied by Ocean Data Systems.

Third-party Run Training Classes – There are many companies that OEM Dream Report and sell and support Dream Report as their own solution.  These independent classes are based on Dream Report training materials and typically follow Ocean Data System instructor lead practices.  Please contact your Dream Report OEM for training availability.  Please also review the Dream Report calendar as many third-party training classes are listed.


Reasons for Attending Training

Dream Report is a gift that keeps on giving.  As you add reports and dashboards to your Dream Report project, each delivers the unique intelligence you need for compliance, performance or process troubleshooting.  Each is an incremental return on your initial investment.  The more reports and dashboards that you create, the more value Dream Report delivers.  While you can certainly learn Dream Report on your own by reading the User Manual or watching the many YouTube Videos, a training class will be your fastest way to gain the knowledge you need for the quickest return on your Dream Report investment, a return that is usually measures in weeks and months, not years.


Who should attend?

  • The person initially responsible for Dream Report’s success
  • Additional colleagues that will benefit from the ability to design their own reports and dashboards
  • Your IT department representative that is responsible for long term management of the system
  • Your local system integrator that is an outside resource when you need them