The Dream Report System Integrator Program


Dream Report is the most branded and resold industrial reporting product in the automation industry.  Our major OEMs all have their own system integration programs and it is quite likely that you can access Dream Report as part of programs you are already a part of.  However,  we are happy to work with you directly.

Our program delivers what you need, access to Dream Report development licenses for your own use, at minimal or no cost.  The Dream Report System Integration Program isn’t designed as a profit center.  Our margin comes from the initial product sale.  Ocean Data Systems wants to be your partner, supporting you in the applications you deliver and working with you to maximize your profits.

A link (bottom of this page) brings you to a sign-up form.  It captures your information, and we’ll be in touch to go over the details.

There are two levels of program.  The Basic Level is attractive to those that have a job to do, possibly maintenance on an existing system, or a new installation that isn’t very challenging.  With a good background with existing automation software solutions, you should be able to quickly learn what you need from our videos and by doing.  In the simplest case, we’ll work with you, delivering 90 day trial licenses for your development.

If Dream Report is going to be an important part of your business, then we have the “Endorsed System Integrator” level.  To be Endorsed, you need to be trained and show a level of proficiency through satisfied customers.  Ocean Data Systems will work with you to highlight your successes and drive additional business.

The two level System Integrator program:

 Feature  Basic SI Program  Endorsed Program
  Development License  1 Annual Fee per SI Key
or FREE 90 Day License
  1 Annual Fee per SI Key
  Training  Online – Self Service Videos   2.5 Day Class – Two People
  Linked-In Group Invitation   Yes   Yes
  Joint Marketing Services   –   Yes
  References   –   2 / Year Required
  Logo   –   Endorsed SI Logo

Development License – For a small annual fee, we’ll supply you with a fully operational Dream Report license capable of 10,000 tag connectivity and 5 active Web Users.  All data connectors are included.  You’ll have access to all product enhancements while in the program.

Training – is available from Website Videos.  Our Endorsed level requires training in an authorized class.  Classes are typically held in conjunction with our OEM Channel Partners and training fees are set by them.  The training course is 2.5 days long and we require two in attendance to qualify as Endorsed, unless otherwise specified.

Linked-In Group Collaboration – Dream Report integrators are invited to join our System Integrator group. This group is our mechanism for keeping you up to speed with our news, and engage with you on product features, benefits and enhancements.  It is also a place for our SI community to interact with each other.

Joint Marketing Services – We will help you market your successes.  We’ll work with you to develop application stories.  We’ll highlight and market report templates that you create, giving you the opportunity for expanded value from your development efforts.

References – We want the very best in our Endorsed System Integrator Program.  There is a requirement to provide ODS with two references per year to show an ongoing level of commitment and competency.

Endorsed System Integrator Logo – We’ve developed a Logo just for you, to highlight that you’ve made the grade and are a master of Dream Report.  You’ll also receive an Endorsed System Integrator Certificate.

Dream Report Endorsed System Integrator LogoEndorsed System Integrator Certificate

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