Its your 15th Birthday and your founders and teammates couldn’t be prouder.

Let’s review a dozen reasons why you’re so special:

  1. You are so easy to get to know, especially with all your videos
  2. You bring knowledge to all that are around you
  3. You have mastered every vertical market
  4. You complement every vendor through your special communication skills and support of industry standards
  5. You are hardworking, mature and reliable.
  6. You have helped over 12,000 customers all around the world, and in 14 languages
  7. You are extremely capable and flexible and never say no
  8. You are frugal and scalable, able to be justified in every application
  9. You are easy on the eyes, making beautiful reports and dashboards
  10. You are smart, always on top of the latest technologies, HTML5 – mobile devices – email – IOT
  11. You have endured over two dozen releases and are better than you were before. Better, stronger and faster
  12. And you are popular, consistently winning awards. Everyone likes you

Dream Report, we thank you for all that you do.


Love, Your family…