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This area provides access to Dream Report Brochures, Technical Information, Misc. information and Partner Brochures (in that order).

Dream Report Brochures

Dream Report Main Brochure – Start Here First

This Brochure covers all the features and benefits of Dream Report.

Dream Report 4.8 NEW Features

Top Feature – Remote and Concurrent Development. But also many more…

Dream Report Driver List

Dream Report offers a great deal of connectivity to all your data sources through over 70 proprietary interfaces, industrial standards and business standards.

Dream Report 4.7 Release Brochure

Dream Report 4.7 delivers many new features including Statistical Process Control, Data Modeling and Web Portal Enhanced Data Access to name few. This brochure outlines the major new features.

2015 Dream Report Product Main Product Overview Brochure

Dream Report is the leading solution for Compliance and Performance, Reports and Dashboards in industry. This brochure is the main overview of features and benefits.

Whitepaper – Business Tools are Not for Industrial Reporting

This whitepaper reviews the special needs of report generation in the industrial automation marketplace and highlights how Dream Report addresses them perfectly.

Dream Report for Power Generation and Power Distribution

The Power Industry has an abundance of reporting requirements in both the compliance and performance report categories. Dream Report is an excellent solution to drive continuous improvement and ensure you are reporting to meet all state, federal and overall government regulations.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Dream Report

There are many reasons to add Dream Report to your automation environment. This document lists 10 of them.

Dream Report Overview – Single Page Handout

This is a one page overview of the many features of Dream Report. If you’re looking for a simple reminder about Dream Report, or a document to share with others, this is it.

Dream Report for Building Automation and Facilities Brochure

Dream Report delivers specialized connectivity for the building automation and facilities management industry. Along with its ability to connect with industry data standards, Dream Report will provide energy calculations and will format a variety of standard reports to meet building energy directives. This brochure explains more.

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Dream Report for Water and Wastewater – Brochure

Dream Report is an ideal solution for the various reports needed in both the water and the wastewater industry. This brochure will cover the many applications Dream Report is applied in along with the various features that are especially valuable.

Dream Report for Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Biotech) Brochure

Dream Report is a powerful solution for all Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Biotech) applications. With special functionality including electronic signatures, version management and audit trails, along with the many other standard capabilities, Dream Report is the industry’s #1 solution. This brochure explains the details.

RUSSIAN – Dream Report Brochures

Russian Translation

Schneider Electric – Dream Report Overview Brochure

Russian Translation

Dream Report Overview Brochure – 6 Pages

Russian Translation

Dream Report Single Page Brochure

Dream Report Miscellaneous Information

2018 Dream Report Full Page Advertisement

Dream Report is a powerful solution for Compliance and performance, Reports and Dashboards, and provides a Web Portal for generation, retrieval and ad-hoc analysis.

2016 Dream Report Full Page Advertisement

Dream Report is a powerful solution for Compliance and performance, Reports and Dashboards, and provides a Web Portal for generation, retrieval and ad-hoc analysis

Dream Report Full Page Advertisement – Because

Because – is a great reason, when you’re a child. But where there are so many good reasons, maybe it is a good word to describe why Dream Report needs to be a part of any automation solution to deliver information to Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime.

Dream Report Partner Brochures – Contact Them for These Versions

Dream Report for ARC Informatique – PCVue

Dream Report offers excellent support for the PCVue HMI/SCADA and Historian product.

Dream Report for Eurotherm

Dream Report offers excellent support for Eurotherm products and is an excellent upgrade from the Eurotherm Review product for data storage. In addition to storing history data from UHH files in a Relational Database, Dream Report delivers powerful data analysis, presentation and delivery options.