The Dream Report Web Portal is ideal for distributing and sharing reports over the Internet/Intranet. Users can easily browse and display PDF and Excel reports or generate new reports on Demand using Web Dynamic Report Generator (DRG). The Dream Report portal can be customized and integrated in other web portals through a Webservice API.

Link to Industrial Portal Demo
Dream Report Industrial Browser Based Portal


  1. Password protected – Multiple concurrent users
  2. Multiple Dream Report Stations accessibility
  3. Manages access rights and display only authorized reports
  4. Enables access and visualize any report archived
  5. Enables the generation of new reports
  6. Enables the viewing of real-time dashboards
  7. Enables ad-hoc interaction with your data – select, pan/zoom, export
  8. Multilingual (14 Languages)


Dream Report Web Portal is ideal for driving continuous improvement in an organization by providing up-to-date reports and dashboards.
It can be used by any operators, managers, executives, and also by customers, organizations and suppliers that wants to be permanently connected and interact with the field.

The ability of Dream Report™ to support centralized and distributed architectures enables customers to build various hierarchical data management organizations easily as part of their IT strategy.