Dream Report received a nice highlight in Water Efficiency Magazine.  Check out the SCADA Update article starting on page 38.

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Water Efficiency is a great publication and there are many past issues worth viewing.


Please note – the article lists that Dream Report offers notification.  That is a coming feature…  Please contact us if this is of interest to you.


Article Excerpt:

In 2013, Canary Labs partnered with Ocean Data Systems, Wayland, MA, a manufacturer of Dream Report, and other industrial reporting and data analytics products. “Dream Report is a great solution for automated reporting and data analytics, and it is the standard for reporting for one of our Data Historian OEMs [original equipment manufacturers], ARC Informatique,” says Ed Stern,vice president of marketing for Canary Labs. “The Dream Report–Proven Partner program is an ideal way to show our joint customers a unified front and commitment to work together.”

According to Roy Kok, vice president of sales and marketing at Ocean Data Systems Ltd., Dream Report is a tool for report generation for compliance and performance information and delivery. “Industries and utilities have compliance reports they have to generate,” Kok explains, “and for water and wastewater treatment plants there are many reports needed for the EPA and other regulators.”

Beyond compliance reports, operators are also targeting asset performance. “People are looking for reports on energy use,” says Kok. “They want to know how much energy was used, and how much a certain batch cost. Then there’s machine performance, including up-time and down-time. Or, can I improve the process within my facility? In an industry such as pharmaceuticals, you have to report on the quality of the product, and it’s critical because if these operations aren’t running properly you may have to scrap hundreds of thousands of dollars of worth of product.”

Creating reports can often be complicated, and involve hours or even days of labor. But according to Kok, operators don’t have dread the task anymore. “Our product makes those reports very easy to do and you can now have any report you want, not just a compliance report. We can make a report in 10 or 15 minutes and it’s completely automated and shows up in your inbox every morning if that’s what you want. Or you can post it to a Web portal. Now you’re changing the game in report generation.” Dream Report also has notification systems so operators can put alerts on data values based on parameters. The alerts can be delivered by a text message or an e-mail.

Kok notes that he’s seen a growing emphasis on continuous improvement at the plant process level, and the use of reports can contribute to a plant’s goals. “You can decide on the key performance indicators and the calculations  you want to keep an eye on. For instance, that could be machine downtime, and Dream Report can deliver a machine downtime report or machine performance report on a regular basis. So, on every Monday morning, you could look at last week’s performance of your equipment and as you do, you  become accustomed to seeing the data. Then when something goes astray, you see it and bring out your analytic tools to discover why. But until you get that regular delivery of information you won’t know what’s normal and have the ability to detect what’s abnormal. That’s why report generators are so important. They are bridging the gap between the real-time operator interface and the analysis tools you need to make positive change.” 

Another company that has partnered with Ocean Data Systems is Trihedral, based in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. In late 2014, Ocean Data Systems announced that Trihedral had teamed up with Ocean Data Systems to provide seamless integration of Dream Report with VTScada, which is Trihedral’s SCADA solution that focuses on instant productivity. Trihedral is contributing to the development of specialized realtime alarm and historic data interfaces. Ultimately, these interfaces will become a standard part of the Dream Report product. One of Trihedral’s key goals was to have Dream Report support VTScada’s unique tag hierarchy, allowing users to easily find the tags they need…