Control Magazine and ARC Advisory Group developed a list of the Automation Industry’s Top Dogs, the top 50 companies in the world, based on their automation based revenues.

Link to Top Automation Companies

What’s nice to see is that 5 of the top 10 companies have a relationship with Ocean Data Systems (ODS) and Dream Report.

The others?  Well, our work isn’t done.  🙂

The others are still using either Microsoft Excel with various automation Plug-ins, SAP’s Crystal Reports or Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  Some have developed their own solutions.

The industry is recognizing that Dream Report is a one of a kind product that is purpose built for the automation industry and that can tackle all reporting and dashboard tasks, business and industry related.  It’s designed for ease of use – no programming, no scripting.  The others will come around…  Give them time.

What are we doing for 5 of the Top 10?

Siemens – We’ve had a long time relationship with Siemens Building Systems and typically connect to their Desigo Insight – Management Station for the purpose of building efficiency and energy management reporting.

Schneider Electric – Now owns Invensys.  Dream Report is the reporting solution for all Wonderware products and is sold, licensed and delivered as a Schneider product through the Wonderware distribution channel.  Invensys also acquired Indusoft and Eurotherm.  These two companies are also OEMs of Dream Report.  In the case of Eurotherm, they offer Dream Report and a specialized product that ODS develops for OEMs called TUS (our Thermal Uniformity Survey solution).  Dream Report also offers excellent support for other Schneider products – Ampla, Citect, IntelaTrac, and more.

Wonderware Dream Report –

Eurotherm Dream Report –

Indusoft Dream Report –

Eurotherm TUS –

GE Intelligent Platforms – Dream Report for Proficy is a solution sold, licensed and supported as a GE-IP product.  It is available though GE Representatives and Distributors.  Dream Report offers Drivers for CIMPLICITY, iFIX and Historian, with more on the way.

Mitsubishi Electric – Recognizing that Dream Report is the leading solution for automation, Mitsubishi Electric joined the Dream Report Proven Partner Program, in 2014.  Dream Report has a variety of connectivity options to Mitsubishi Electric products and is also adding CC-Link.

Mitsubishi Alliance Program –

Yokogawa Electric – Dream Report supports a wide variety of Yokogawa products through our general purpose drivers.  In addition, Dream Report has been enhanced, in partnership with Yokogawa, to support their Smart Recorder line of products including DX-FX-GX products.  Yokogawa is also an OEM for the ODS TUS (Thermal Uniformity Survey) solution.

Yokogawa TUS –


Other Partnerships – Those are in the Top Ten.  Dream Report is resold and recommended by many other companies in industry.

Dream Report OEMs –

Dream Report Partners –


In the words of Bon Jovi:

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