It’s a rather obvious concept, technology has been driving the evolution of automation.  In the dark ages we had automation though mechanics and pneumatics.  With the development of sensors and controllers, automation became programmable and we were able to communicate electronically.  Standard Protocols lead to layered solutions – the HMI (Human Machine Interface).  HMIs became SCADA and adopted the benefits of networking, data logging and alarming.  The need for continuous improvement drove the need for more data and that drove the addition of historians for long term data archiving.

Today, we’re in the information age.  We’re accessing Historian data and analyzing it six ways from Sunday.  But for most, that’s a manual and laborious task.  Most solutions have been cobbled together out of business products, Excel add-ins, programming and scripting, with the addition of system integration time and talent.  Developing a report with today’s business tools is hard and requires domain experts.  That makes reports and dashboards costly.  And it is that cost that has held back the proliferation of reports and dashboards as a tool for continuous improvement.

In the 21st century, there’s no room for programming, scripting or significant system integration for the development of reports and dashboards.

We are at the point in automation system evolution that automated report generation and performance dashboards need be a part of every solution, to drive continuous improvement.

Dream Report makes the acquisition of data, the calculations, the presentation, delivery and long term management of information so easy, that you can have all the information you want, and not just the information you absolutely need.

In the past, you had your compliance reports so you could be in business.  With Dream Report, you can have all the performance information you want so you can run your business better.

Isn’t it about time that you think about the information that should be delivered to you and others automatically?  Get it done with Dream Report.