Schneider Electric Software has named Dream Report, Information Technology Partner Product of the Year!  This award was presented by Gary Tillery, Leader, Partner Group and Cloud Business Practice for Schneider Electric Software, at their recent Partner Summit event in California.

Ocean Data Systems has had a strong partnership with Schneider Electric Software (specifically Wonderware) since April, 2009 when Wonderware released a branded version of Dream Report named HMI Reports.  Since that time, Schneider Electric Software has adopted the standard Dream Report as their offering (with branding and licensing enhancements), and continues to expand Dream Report use with their other products.

“We are very proud of our close relationship with Schneider Electric Software and our work with their various brands; Wonderware, Indusoft, Eurotherm, Citect, IntelaTrac, Foxboro and ClearSCADA,” says Alex Mazal, President of Ocean Data Systems.

“We continue to see growth in the sales of Dream Report and we have now expanded selling it with our Citect offerings as well,” explains Gary Tillery, Director, Cloud Business Practice at Schneider Electric Software.