Creating Industrial Reports and Dashboards is Easy.  Free your Employees from the Burden
Leveraging Industrial Reports and Dashboards to make Continuous Improvement Easy

There’s at least one individual at your organization that wades through data every month to generate your compliance reports, batch reports or generate and distribute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Maybe you are in Water, Waste Water, Food, Pharma, working with large buildings or heat treating performance parts.  Every business has reports that have to be done, for compliance or to run your business better, and there’s a poor soul locked up somewhere with that responsibility.

They’re usually the Excel Guru with access to your data repositories like Historians or SQL Databases, and they have a suite of tools that give them access to data, lots of data…  It’s usually a manual process and every month they do the same things – query data, review data, perform calculations, format results, generate documents, distribute documents, archive documents.  Do it again next month.

You give them a custom project and days later you might see some progress…  And if you want that report on a regular basis, you better offer the justification…  You’re creating a new task that will cut into other things…  They’re good people, with the wrong tools to do their job.  Their current tools get the job done of course, but with lots of wasted time and effort.  Manual processes are prone to errors.  If that person is un-available, now you have a real problem on your hands.

Automating the process is what you should be striving for.  The first automated report will incur some configuration time and some validation of the results, but there-after, it is a scheduled task with automated delivery.

That’s the value of Dream Report.  For “Industrial” data, it’s the perfect choice.  It knows industrial data sources, industrial calculations, and it knows automation.  Business products and Excel may be good with counts and currencies, but connect to a Historian, integrate a flow, calculate a downtime, generate a setpoint analysis?  Well, not so useful…  Have business reports to do? Dream Report is good for that too, but its specialty is the reliability, ease of use and task automation demanded by the industrial world.

Free your employees from their data prison.  Dream Report will empower your team with new insights, enabled through automated information generation and delivery.  Continuous improvement has never been so easy.  The Dream Report payback is in days or weeks, and we are happy to deliver a free trial to help get things going!  Just contact us –