If your company is using SharePoint, then you already know that document management and retrieval is a critical component of a well-oiled enterprise.  When using a powerful document generator like Dream Report, you’ll want to make sure your automatic and manually created reports are managed consistently, along with your other corporate information.

While Dream Report could always be used with Microsoft SharePoint for basic document management, the Dream Report Document Management Extension adds a new level of indexing and document retrieval.  With the Extension installed, you’ll be able to index documents based on key parameters that you identify.

Basic document management is the ability to store and retrieve files.  These files are indexed by file name and date/time attributes.  Storing and retrieving Dream Report documents such as PDF files, Excel files and CSV files is what SharePoint does very well.  Dream Report will deliver documents to your folder of choice, either using your local Windows file system (with required authentications), or to remote locations through the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Dream Report Document Transfer to:

  • Windows Directories with Authentication
  • FTP File Transfers with Authentication
  • Place documents into select SharePoint Document Libraries

Dream Report Document Management Extension for Microsoft SharePoint

The Document Management Extension delivers the new ability to select variables from with-in Dream Report documents, and purposely flag them for SharePoint search engine indexing.  The Document Management Extension will monitor document directories and wait for new deliveries.  Upon delivery, the Extension will index the parameters list, storing the results in the SharePoint Search Engine index.  Users will then use the SharePoint Search Engine to analyze a query and return the Dream Reports of interest.

Typical queries that users will benefit from:

  • Operator Names
  • Equipment Designations
  • Product Serial Numbers
  • Pass / Fail Designations
  • Variable Results > = <
  • Date / Time
  • More – defined by the user

If Dream Report documents are removed from the directory, the Document Management Extension will also remove those documents from the SharePoint Search Engine.


Installation, Maintenance and Support

The Dream Report Document Management Extension for SharePoint is developed and supported by Ocean Data System’s partner, REMCAM LLC, experts in search engines and Microsoft SharePoint customization and support.

The Document Management Extension is delivered as a REMCAM service.  They will assist your SharePoint administrator in the installation and support of the extension.  Once installed, the Document Management Extension will run automatically and will not require administrative support.  For more information, contact USA 312-281-8982 or www.REMCAM.net.