Competitive Trade-in and Trade-up Program to Dream Report – Getting the BEST Industrial Reports and Dashboards

Competitive Trade-in Trade-up Program for Industrial Reports and Dashboards

Full Credit of your past purchase toward Dream Report

If you’re tired of compromise with your existing reporting and dashboard solution, we are here for you.  That’s why we’ll give you full credit for your past purchase towards the purchase of Dream Report*.  We call this a Trade-in, Trade-up program.  But in actuality, we don’t want your old software.  It’s a hassle for you to migrate off and honestly, what are we going to do with it.  So, keep it in place and migrate to Dream Report over time and at your convenience.  Just share proof of purchase and the price of your old solution, for a FULL credit.

* – All we require is that you purchase the appropriate base license of Dream Report, with an annual support program.  Your Competitive Product Credit is applied toward the price of Dream Report optional components like Web CALs, Remote Development CALs, MES Option, DBATCH, and the Life Sciences Option, or any combination.  Yes, the FULL PRICE of your previous purchase can be applied toward the Options on a NEW Dream Report license.

Offer valid for Dream Report version 5+, and for the Calendar Year 2019.  Competitive solutions must have been purchased prior to 2019.  Limit one Trade-in per end customer’s first time purchase of Dream Report.  Program does not apply to Subscription Based Pricing.


Winner Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award - Dream Report

Dream Report – WINNER for the Second Year in a Row

Does your old report or dashboard product qualify?

Probably yes, because we want you to use Dream Report, the best solution for industrial reports and dashboards.  So, give us a call, or send an email to and see what we can do for you.


Products types that apply for a full price credit:

  • Excel Based Reporting Products

  • Relational Database Reporting Products

  • Vendor Specific Industrial Reporting Products

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard Products

  • Water and Waste Water Specific Products

  • Life Sciences Specific Products

  • Custom Solutions (example – VBA Based) – Contact us for a Value Assessment