Award Winning Features of an Industrial Report and Dashboard SoftwareFeatures of the Best Reporting Tools for SCADA Systems and Historians

We recently went through the exercise of refining the value statements for Dream Report as it applies to reporting and analytics software.

Here is the result, as succinctly put as possible.

Dream Report is the best and most cost effective software for reports and dashboards because:

  1. “Insert Dream Report OEM” Chosen

    Licensing, Support Programs, and Quality Managed by our OEMs. This is their recommended solution to be added to EVERY customer installation.  They’ve wrapped Dream Report with their reputation and endorsement.
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  2. Award Winning Reporting and Dashboard Software

    Built for all Industrial and Business Data Sources

    Other products can’t get to all your data. Dream Report can give you the best overview of your processes because it can access ALL of your automation data stores, industrial and business.  With over 80 Drivers to third party products, Dream Report can combine data from them all.
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  3. Reports and Dashboards for ALL Vertical Markets

    Delivers the statistics and features to perfectly address the water and wastewater and life sciences markets. Other products will require extensive customization and system integration to address these markets.

  4. Easier to Use than Any Other Reporting Tools

    No programming or scripting means that anyone can generate reports. IT or system integrator involvement isn’t needed. Reports and Dashboards are faster to create and far less expensive maintain.

  5. Better Analytics – Purpose-built for Industrial Reports and Dashboards

    Purpose built calculations for automation & understands industrial “Quality” Data. This delivers more accurate results across the board and saves system integration and development time. Dream Report delivers challenging statistics that other products just can’t without a high degree of customization. Dream Reports understanding of times and events at the object level enables powerful time and event comparison metrics for enhanced decision support.

  6. Automated Operations and All-In-One Design

    Designed for the world of automation, Dream Report looks like and works like an automation product. That’s why it’s OEM chosen. Low learning curve, plays nicely with other automation products and delivers 24x7x365 reliability and all the advanced functionality like email, FTP, document management, web portal that needs to be integrated into other solutions.

  7. Award Winning Report Generation Software

    Dream Report has been recognized over and over as the best solution in the automation industry.  2015, 2015, 2018 and 2019…