The three groups typically involved in any automation business Reports and Dashboard decision are Corporate Management, Operations and IT.

Corporate Management has the purse strings and wants a clear Return on Investment (ROI) to rank this project among others that are being considered.

Managers have the following concerns in selecting a solution:

  • The solution must deliver value to the organization (ROI)
  • Time to value must be reasonable – installation on time and under budget
  • Proven reliability to become a part of the day to day operations
  • Deliver on the KPIs to reduce cost, improve quality, increase agility and throughput
  • Delivers results to those that need it timely, and reliably, at all levels of the organization

Operations would like to own the solution.  They would like create, enhance and maintain the solution for everyone’s benefit.  They would like to avoid solutions that require report or dashboard specifications for others to develop (IT or System Integrators).  Iterations on specs and solutions waste time and drive up deployment costs.

Operations personnel have the following concerns in selecting a solution:

  • Easy to learn, implement, deploy and support
  • Easily scalable from one site to many sites
  • Over-delivers on functionality (flexible and adaptable)
  • Cost Effective
  • Empowers everyone, not just domain specialists
  • Online Training tools (Videos), regular classes (if needed)
  • Quality documentation and support
  • Industry proven and endorsed
  • Integrates with the existing automation environment
  • Supports industry standards and business standards
  • Understands the unique aspects of automation data (compression, quality flags) and delivers the appropriate statistics
  • Extensible through “Power Tools” for demanding applications
  • Requires minimal IT involvement

The Information Technology (IT) folks are often the gate keepers for projects of this type.  While they may not be involved on a day to day basis, they are involved enough to say yes/no.  They would like to avoid solutions that create a greater IT burden.  Reports are typically an IT responsibility due to the pervasive difficulty in applying most of today’s offerings.  For them, Dream Report is a breath of fresh air.

IT has the following concerns in selecting a solution:

  • Does not add to IT workload
  • Easy to maintain from a technology perspective
  • Proven reliability from a technology perspective
  • Leverages Domain security
  • Leverages Virtualization technology
  • Supports existing Operating System standards
  • Supports existing Database standards
  • Does not add undue burden to the infrastructure
  • Certified by Cyber Experts i.e.

Dream Report is the solution for reports and dashboards to address compliance and performance requirements in every industrial application.  Dream Report meets the requirements of each of the three decision making teams and will excel in the applications it is deployed in.  Contact us for more information.