RSView32 Report Generation

Rockwell Automation’s RSView32 HMI/SCADA solution can log data to files using a DBF file format.  Typically, two log files are generated daily, a Tag file and a Data file.   Dream Report will access those files for report generation and dashboards, for all markets and applications.

Dream Report is an Approved Solution

In January of 2019, Dream Report was selected by Rockwell Automation for inclusion in the Encompass Program.  Since that time, Dream Report has received many enhancements and is now the ideal solution to use with Rockwell Automation products, especially RSView 32, FactoryTalk View SE, FactoryTalk Historian, PanelView, PanelView Plus, among other Rockwell Automation solutions, for industrial Reports and Dashboards.    Encompass Partner Listing

Features in Dream Report for RSView32 Data Access

Dream Report offers several features that deliver a great deal of application configuration flexibility for RSView32 users.

  • Types of Data Access – Dream Report offers the ability to access Real-time, History and Alarm/Event Data for use in industrial reports and dashboards.  Specifically for RSView32, Dream Report can access real-time data through an OPC DA interface.  History Data is accessible though a purpose built driver for the RSView32 DBF files.  Alarm and Event data is accessible through the Dream Report ODBC driver.
  • DBF Driver for RSView32 Report GenerationTypical System Configuration – Installing Dream Report on the same computer as RSView32. In this case, Dream Report will reside on the RSView 32 computer and will access the RSView32 data files directly for reports and dashboards.  The user simply uses the Dream Report Driver Configuration Wizard to select the DBF Log Directory and you are done.  Dream Report automatically delivers Tag Browsing and Data access.
  • Remote Connectivity – RSView32 Remote ConnectivityDream Report can be installed on a computer remote from RSView32. In this case, the user would leverage a unique feature in Dream Report called the Remote Connectivity Server.  The Dream Report RSView 32 Driver is added to the RSView32 computer and is configured for the DBF Directory.  In addition, the user will specify a Port and Encryption Password that will be use by a remote Dream Report for secure data access.  This method is extremely safe and even enables RSView32 connectivity over Internet connections in addition to connections across the local network.  Video on Remote Communications
  • Custom Archive Importing – Some users want to transfer Custom Archive ImportTag data from RSView32 DBF Files to a relational database of their choice. Dream Report offers a utility called the Custom Archive Import that lets the user select Tags from a data source, and replicate that data – log that data, to a relational database.  Dream Report supports any ODBC compliant database and that includes SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL for example.  Transfers are done automatically on a user specified schedule.
  • FTP File Collection – some users want to automatically back up history data files. Dream Report offers a utility called the FTP FTP File CollectorFile Collector that can automatically connect with remote computers via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and will copy RSView 32 files to a local directory of your choice.

Dream Report is the best industrial Report Generator for use with Rockwell Automation’s RSView 32 HMI/SCADA.