Dream Report Proven Partner Program Testing by the S4 Group:

The S4 Group and Ocean Data Systems recently conducted interoperability testing in the S4 test lab between the S Open: OPC-N2 Router and Ocean Data Systems – Dream Report package. Dream Report is a very popular solution for reports and dashboards in automation applications.  The building automation market is one of the many addressed by Dream Report and a collaboration with S4 Group enables Dream Report to connect with a broad range of Johnson Controls Incorporated (JCI) Metasys N2 network based systems.  The S4 offering is quite unique, enabling the parallel operation of an existing Metasys Supervisory Controller, with Dream Report, both communicating with N2 Field Devices.  Dream Report offers the ability to log field device variables to its own database.  In addition, Dream Report can communicate with other repositor
ies of data that may be created by Metasys or other on site automation solutions.  The resulting data, from all data sources, can be integrated into reports and dashboards for the customer benefit.

The testing was done on a dedicated virtual machine running 64-bit Windows 7. Installation went without a hitch. The OPC data object discovery process in Dream Report immediately connected to the OPC Proxy Server instantiated in the test environment by the S4 Open Management Console. This S4 feature presents the OPC interface as a local OPC server hosted by the test machine eliminating all of the traditional security and networking hurdles posed by OPC DA.

Roy Kok of Ocean Data Systems then took over the testing and demonstrated how quickly very sophisticated reports could be defined and generated in real time or scheduled to run periodically. The capabilities of Dream Report were really amazing and have the potential to augment the native capabilities of most BAS installations.

Even through this testing was performed using OPC technology Dream Report is equally capable of supporting BACnet IP and working with the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router.

Ocean Data Systems and The S4 Group, Inc. are committed to working together to support our mutual integration partners. The S4 technology acting as the on-site agent to publish legacy building automation system data to open interfaces without interfering with the normal operation of the BAS. Dream Report takes over and turns that data into actionable information from which critical business decisions can be made.  S4 Group is now a member of the Dream Report Proven Partners program.

Proven Partners have chosen to work closely with Ocean Data Systems, committing to deliver joint services and long term support to our combined customers.  Together, we’ve proven the integration of our products and we commit to working together as partners, delivering our customers the highest quality solutions today, and migration paths for tomorrow.