2015 – Dream Report was a runner up for the Control Engineering “Engineers’ Choice” award.  So close and yet so far…

2016 – Ocean Data Systems is going for the gold!  We’ve been nominated again and we need your assistance to win.


10 Reasons why Dream Report is so great:

  1. Tames your Ocean of Data – Turns terabytes of raw data into actionable results
  2. Delivers instant value – Almost Immediate Payback. Generate your first report in under 5 minutes
  3. Adds value to EVERY automation system. Who wouldn’t benefit from valuable KPIs?
  4. Harmonizes your team. Everyone gets the data they need, automatically
  5. Empowers your team. Everyone can generate the reports they want – access anywhere
  6. Accelerates your business. Better decisions, faster, with greater understanding
  7. Safe and secure. Tested by NIST.  Listed in the ICSCERT.GOV database
  8. Globally applicable. Available in 14 languages.  Deployed around the world
  9. Scalable and cost effective. No reason not to use Dream Report
  10. Don’t take our word for it. See below

Dream Report in now the most recommended solution that is “Purpose Built” for the industrial automation marketplace.  We go to market primarily through brand labelled relationships, where companies choose to resell, license and support Dream Report as their own solution, primarily for sale to their installed base.  We call these our OEMs.  We also have a “Proven Partner” program, for companies that don’t have a reseller model, but have the need to recommend a tested and proven solution for use with their products.  In this case, Ocean Data Systems works directly with their customers and channel partners to deliver a solution.


What do our closest partners have to say?

Schneider/Wonderware – “Wonderware HMI Reports (aka Dream Report) is a perfect complementary product to Wonderware InTouch HMI,” said Gary Nelson, Wonderware product marketing manager. “In today’s ‘do more with less’ world, our customers need to be able to take substantially less time and effort to create accurate and visually appealing reports. HMI Reports allows them to do this without programming skills or IT expertise.”

Invensys “Productivity Partner Award” to Ocean Data Systems – “Ocean Data Systems received this award for several reasons,” explained Dan Fitzpatrick, Invensys Business Development Manager, “including the fact that license sales have tripled in recent quarters.  As a progressive member of Invensys’ ecosystem, Ocean Data Systems has partnered with other Invensys affiliates to make their third party solutions even better.  From their responsiveness to their exceptionally high quality products, Ocean Data Systems is truly deserving of this award.”

GE Intelligent Platforms – “GE prides itself on delivering leading technology in all areas.  Our focus on Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) means that we deliver the right information to the right individual at the right time,” stated Prasad Pai, product manager for Proficy HMI/SCADA products, “and Report Generation is an important component in that information flow.”

Inductive Automation – “Dream Report is a great solution for automated reporting and data analysis, developed by a company with a sole focus on that market,” says Colby Clegg, Co-Director – Software Engineering at Inductive Automation.  “Dream Report is a robust product that complements the features and capabilities of Ignition.  One of our key philosophies is to promote open data accessibility in order to allow customers to build the best systems that they can. Working with companies like Ocean Data Systems is the embodiment of that philosophy, and also a validation of the open database-centric model we’ve always tried to maintain.”

ARC Informatique – “Dream Report™ comes with unique key features that enable our customers to produce dynamic, meaningful reports.” said Alain Faisant, Marketing and Sales Director of Arc Informatique. “This software is designed for our market. It connects to multiple sources and collects process automation data from them. It also uses the latest technologies for making reports available across the Web. We are delighted to offer the most intuitive report design studio available in our market today. The combination of PcVue and Dream Report software will increase the usage and performance of the overall solution, bringing customer satisfaction.”

B-SCADA – “We know of many applications that would benefit from the flexibility and ease of use that Dream Report delivers,” says Ron DeSerranno, president of B-SCADA.  “We’ve commissioned the development of B-SCADA interfaces to be included in the standard addition of Dream Report.  This collaboration makes perfect sense for us in support of our joint customers, and the Dream Report Proven Partner program is a great way to display our collaboration.”

Trihedral – “We have 28 years of history in the development of our VTScada solution, and take partnerships with third parties very seriously,” explained Glenn Wadden, president of Trihedral. “We took a hard look at Dream Report to make sure that it met our standards of ease of use and quality, and have decided that a partnership with Ocean Data Systems would be in the best interest of our customers, especially those in the Water and Wastewater markets that we serve.  That’s why we commissioned specialized interfaces making the integration of VTScada and Dream Report as simple as possible for our customers. We’re particularly pleased with the way Dream Report supports VTScada’s unique tag hierarchy allowing users to easily find the tags they’re needing.”

Eurotherm – Karen Rigby, Marketing Management at Eurotherm, “Dream Report software has been customised for Eurotherm to provide a specific communications layer to extract data from Eurotherm’s graphic recorder devices. Existing drivers will also allow access via OPC to data within other Eurotherm products and so can provide key analysis and statistical data about automation devices and the processes they are managing. Most importantly the output can be shared with everybody providing a highly effective, low cost solution”.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation – “Dream Report is an excellent addition to our e-F@ctory Alliance Program and customers can benefit from the data analysis and information delivery that it  offers in conjunction with the data collection capabilities of our hardware.  The e-F@ctory Alliance Program includes a select group of companies that are strategic to enhancing our automation strategy,” explained Robert Miller, senior manager of strategic collaborations and partnerships for Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “Dream Report is widely used in industry and we are happy to support its use in Mitsubishi Electric applications.”

Kepware – “Dream Report has developed a report generation solution used by many of Kepware’s technology partners, including GE Intelligent Platforms, Inductive Automation, and Wonderware,” explained John Harrington, Director of Product Management for Kepware. “Joining the ODS Proven Partner program is one step beyond just relying on industry standards for interoperability.  We are committed to working closely with ODS to ensure the integration of our respective product interfaces in order to offer our mutual customers excellent support.”

Canary Labs – “Dream Report is a great solution for automated reporting and data analytics, and it is the standard for reporting for one of our Data Historian OEMs, ARC Informatique,” says Ed Stern, vice president of marketing for Canary Labs. “The Dream Report – Proven Partner program is an ideal way to show our joint customers a unified front and commitment to work together.”

This is just a sampling of our OEM and Partner proponents.  Dream Report is installed in thousands of end user applications around the world and if they weren’t happy, our partners above wouldn’t be as supportive as they are.  Shouldn’t you become a happy Dream Report customer?