Dream Report Version 5 is built for the Internet of Things (IOT)

Most Valuable Internet of Things (IOT) Companies in 2019

See Dream Report – Page 32

Analytics Insight names Ocean Data Systems as one of the “Most Valuable IOT Companies to Watch in 2019”.  We are proud to have been selected out of hundreds of companies, to be highlighted in their April 2019 edition of the magazine.

Many IOT applications are very large and advanced scalability is the norm.  Other applications just need to benefit from additional internet based data sources and sensors.  The second category is where Dream Report can be an excellent fit, in combination with your existing HMI/SCADA/Historian automation systems.

Dream Report is continually improving.  Version 5 adds even more functionality to Dream Report, enabling it as an Internet of Things (IOT) solution.

Dream Report features for Internet of Things (IOT) compatibility include:

  • OPC UA Client Protocol Support to Access Internet Device Data

    Dream Report leverages the latest OPC Foundation Protocol for accessing industrial data efficiently and securely across Internet connections.  This is a real-time protocol and Dream Report will query devices, use or log their data and generate reports and dashboards.

  • MQTT Client Protocol Support to Dream Report - IOT Product - Internet of ThingsAccess Internet Device Data

    Another technology, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), is also a common IOT protocol for communicating with devices.  This is a real-time protocol and Dream Report will query devices, use or log their data and generate reports and dashboards.

  • Remote Driver Access – Tunneling (With compression and Encryption)

    Not all data is real-time, and not all devices support Internet protocols.  Yet Dream Report supports over 90 protocols to industry products, industry databases and other stores of data.  In these cases, Dream Report delivers the ability to load its communications drivers on a remote computer, close to the data source, and then extend those communications securely and efficiently through user defined ports, across the Internet, to a Dream Report machine.  Communications are through defined channels with compression and encryption applied.

  • Enhanced Security – User and Group Based Security & Windows Active Directory Support

    Security is paramount.  You want to define access to your browser based portal, you want to define access to specific reports by roles and responsibilities and you want to manage your security through your Windows Domain Services.  Not a problem with Dream Report.

  • Cyber Secure HTML5 Browser Based Portal for User Access

    Your Internet Based User Portal needs to be Cyber Secure.  Dream Report has been tested by the Department of Homeland Security and is listed in the ICS-CERT Database.

  • Remote Development

    You may have one administrator or you may have many.  In either case, it is nice to be able to access and configure Dream Report from anywhere and at anytime.  Dream Report supports remote and concurrent configuration of projects.  You can check out, check in, save and reload reports, complete with version management and audit trail.

  • Cloud Hosting

    On-premise is no longer the norm.  Companies are leveraging cloud based IT platforms for the reliable operation of their information systems.  Dream Report supports all current Windows operating systems, workstation and server, and can be deployed as a virtual machine in cloud hosted environments.