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Dream Report is the World’s leading “Industrial” Business Intelligence Solution

It understands Industrial Data, Industrial Calculations and the ease of use necessary for Industrial Applications.  It’s been designed to perfectly fit ALL verticals – Water, Waste Water, Pharma & Biotech, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Food, Beverage, Manufacturing…

Now, you can have all the Compliance and Performance, Reports and Dashboards that you want, combined with ad hoc trends, analytics and exports for troubleshooting.  The perfect addition to every application.


What’s New?

Dream Report Version 5.0 is Released – Check out the NEW Features

Big Version Number changes come every few years.  Version 5.0 is a BIG DEAL.  This release is another example of major improvements in all areas and making best use of the latest technologies.  If you haven’t seen Dream Report in a while, it’s time to look again.


Newsletter - Control Engineering Engineers Choice AwardWinner of the 2019 Control Engineering Magazine “Engineers’ Choice Awards”

Dream Report has won the category Software – Asset Management – Reporting for the second year in a row and was mentioned in the February issue, online, and in Control Engineering e-newsletters.  Dream Report already has a history of two Honorable Mentions – 2015 and 2016, in addition to winning the category in 2018 and again now, 2019.


Dream Report Even Offers the BEST Free Trial

This FREE TRIAL for Reports and Dashboards is all you’ll need to justify Dream Report.  Some Free Trials require a Credit Card. Some Free Trials are limited to 14 Days.   The standard Free Trial of Dream Report (the moment you download it from our website) offers you 30 minutes, but contact us and we’ll give you 30 Days…


Full Credit* of Your Past Purchase Toward Dream Report

Competitive Trade-in Trade-up Program

Do-overs are hard to come by.  If you’re tired of compromise with your existing reporting and dashboard solution, we are here for you.  That’s why we’ll give you full credit for your past purchase towards the purchase of Dream Report.  We call this a Trade-in, Trade-up program.  But in actuality, we don’t want your old software.  It’s a hassle for you to migrate and honestly, what are we going to do with it.  So, keep it in place and migrate to Dream Report over time and at your convenience. * – Applies toward Dream Report Options…


Reports and Dashboards Drive Continuous Improvement in Industrial Automation

Whether the industrial world, or the business world, if you are striving for continuous improvement, then you need to empower your team with a consistent data set on which to drive consensus.  Yet today, business operations are often based on variables that are accessed through dashboards, especially real-time dashboards.  And your view of a real-time dashboard will likely differ from another’s view – hence your decision may also be different from theirs.  To drive consensus, and continuous improvement, you need everyone looking at the same information…


Trust in Dream Report is Earned – But There is a Shortcut

Testimonials for Industrial Reports and Dashboards SoftwareChoosing to use a new product can be challenging.  You need to convince management, build a business case and choose a solution that will deliver the best return on your investment.  Your reputation is on the line, and it sure would be valuable to have input from those you trust.  So, listen to some of these people, those responsible for major installations or hundreds of Dream Report customers…


Check out the Dream Report Gallery – Example Reports and Dashboards

Some are from customer applications and some are in our Demo.  These are just a few of the very many ways that Dream Report can deliver the intelligence you need to make money or save money.  After all, that’s what it’s all about; Improve Performance, Reduce Scrap, Improve Agility, and Eliminate Risk, with Dream Report.


Free Your Employees from Their Data Analysis Prisons

Getting the most out of your data with reports and dashboardsThere’s at least one individual at your organization that wades through data every month to generate your compliance reports, batch reports or generate and distribute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Maybe you are in Water, Waste Water, Food, Pharma, working with large buildings or heat treating performance parts.  Every business has reports that have to be done, for compliance or to run your business better, and there’s a poor soul locked up somewhere with that responsibility…


Best Practice for Industrial Server Monitoring, Windows Management, and Network Monitoring

Using Dream Report for Industrial Server Monitoring, Windows Management and Network Monitoring will improve the reliability of your operations.  Your SCADA software is key to running your business and its reliability hinges on the reliability of your infrastructure, your computers, network, and your Windows Operating System – Server or Workstation…


Machine Downtime Reports and Dashboards

Newsletter - Downtime Reports and DashboardsMost downtime tracking applications involve monitoring a machine or piece of process equipment for conditions of shutdown. The goal of a downtime monitoring solution is to identify the reasons for downtime, categorize and analyze the reasons for downtime by quantity and duration. Armed with this knowledge, operators and plant management can drive continuous improvement to reduce their downtime and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), where downtime is a major contributor…


An Industrial Solution Automatically Generates Results in One Step

This benefit would seem obvious, but many reporting solutions are more adept at pulling data from a data source and placing results into another database or Excel Workbook for manipulation, than giving you the one data result you are interested in.  Reporting solutions that leverage Excel will typically query data automatically or manually, populate a Worksheet in a Workbook, where you surround that data with the calculations and scripting required to formulate your result, and then have you copy that result to another Worksheet that is formatting your final document.  That’s a lot of work, and most users are not adept enough at Microsoft Excel to perform the scripting and matrix manipulation required.  A better solution is to focus on the task at hand, querying data automatically, and then processing that data to achieve the result.


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