The new maintenance release, version 4.83 is available to all Dream Report 4.8 customers.  The release notes, available in the Dream Report documentation directory, will detail all new features and benefits.  This release delivers one very valuable enhancement, done at the request of one customer, but valuable in all applications, the ability to prioritize reports.

Report prioritization involves the ability to select generation prioritization for individual reports and their forms of generation.  For example, reports scheduled for automated generation can be a lower priority than those triggered by a user.  Interactive reports, generated through the Dream Report Portal, can take the highest priority to deliver the best online user experience.  The new default settings will likely benefit all customer applications, but they can be modified to user preferences.

New Report Prioritization Settings

Dream Report will generate up to 10 reports in parallel and the new prioritization will impact the new reports being added to the generation queue.  Reports already in progress will not be impacted.

For more information, please download and install Dream Report 4.83, and consult documents in the Documentation Directory.