RSView32 Report Generator – Dream Report

RSView32 Report Generation Rockwell Automation’s RSView32 HMI/SCADA solution can log data to files using a DBF file format.  Typically, two log files are generated daily, a Tag file and a Data file.   Dream Report will access those files for report generation and dashboards, for all markets and applications. Dream Report [...]

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New Release – Dream Report Version 4.6 R2 is Officially Released

Dream Report version 4.6 R2 has been released and is available for Download. To learn about all the new features, please review the Release Notes. Version 4.6 delivers hundreds of new features and benefits falling into a wide range of categories.  This release delivers special support for the Life Sciences [...]

New Release – Dream Report Version 4.6 R2 is Officially Released2018-02-10T17:42:16+00:00

Accessing Data that’s Hard to Access…

Getting data to the right people at the right time is the ultimate goal of Dream Report.  It is smart enough to recognize an event, collect the right data, analyze it - format it and then deliver it.  Dream Report supports over 60 drivers to a wide range of both [...]

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