In the past, business products were used to generate industrial reports and dashboards.  These included Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SAP Crystal Reports.  Now, Dream Report is the leading “Purpose Built” solution for industrial reports and dashboards.  But what does “Purpose Built” mean?  It’s not just “Industrial Grade.”

The Obvious Ones:

  1. Connectivity to Industrial Data Sources (Business connectors too)
    • Integrate Multiple Sources into One Report
  2. Providing “Industrial” Statistics “Out of the Box”
  3. Special Support for Vertical Markets
    • Water and Wastewater – ALL EPA Reports – State and Federal
    • Life Sciences – 21 CFR Part 11
    • Aerospace, Automotive Parts – Thermal Uniformity Reporting
    • LIMS Functionality
  4. Industrial Strength – 24x7x365 Operation
  5. Easy to Use – Configurable, Not Programmable. Designed for everyone to use
  6. All-In-One Design to Reduce Technology Integration Time

The Not So Obvious Ones:

  1. Real-time and History Simulation of Data Sources for Project Testing
  2. Data Source Tag Organization and Modeling
  3. Third Party Data Model Browsing (Tag Lists)
  4. Automated Remote File Collection
  5. Automated processing of CSV and Excel files
  6. Remote Data Connectivity – Secure Web Services
  7. Industrial Data Quality Validation – Ignore BAD quality Data
  8. Proper Handling of Rollover “Meter” Data
  9. Proper Handling of Gap Data
  10. Proper Handling of Time Integrated Data
  11. Alarm Message Statistics
  12. Dynamic Graphic Image Handling
  13. Clustering and Repetition of Objects (Pivot Groups)
  14. Understanding of Batch Events and Batch Reporting
  15. ActiveX Control for HMI/SCADA Embedding
  16. Web Service API for Automation Integration
  17. Data Logging and Manual Data Entry
  18. Write-Back Data to Automation Systems
  19. US-Cert.Gov Tested
  20. Complete and Incremental Automated Deployment
  21. Support for 14 Languages and Change on the Fly / Log-in
  22. Multi-Lingual Report Output Generation
  23. Template Based Report Generation – Make Reports Easy for Others
  24. Virtual Reports – Functionality to Address Repetitive Applications
  25. Electronic Signatures – Report Approvals Before Distribution
  26. Version Management and Audit Trails, Who Changed What and Why?
  27. Parallel Report Generation – Don’t Block Important Reports
  28. Redundancy (High Availability) Built In
  29. Priced, Delivered and Supported as an Industrial Solution
  30. System Integrator Packages

As the suppliers of Dream Report, even we forget how special our product is, until we compile a list like this…

Please – Contact us with your toughest Industrial Reporting Problems, and see how we perform.