Dream Report is Automated Reporting for Industry

Ocean Data Systems, and our product – Dream Report is a Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance Partner.  Dream Report, through its array of communications and connectivity, can be used with a wide array of Mitsubishi products ranging from sensors and analysis equipment to controls, HMI/SCADA and enterprise solutions.

Dream Report HMI SCADA

Dream Report is the leading technology for automated reporting.  Dream Report is designed to be programming free and is the most robust solution for report generation in industry.  Built on modern technologies, Dream Report fits perfectly for all types of reporting from Process to Hybrid, Batch and Discrete applications.

Dream Report delivers data access from all industrial and business data sources (including both proprietary interfaces and industry standards), Data Analytics (turning raw data into valuable information), Data Formatting (taking the challenge out of data presentation), and Report Delivery (any time, any place, files, hard-copy and web portal.)


  • Compliance Reporting
  • Heat Treat Reporting
  • Batch Reporting
  • Emissions Reporting
  • Quality Reporting
  • Production Reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting
  • Efficiency Reporting
  • Energy Reporting
  • Security and Infrastructure Reporting

Dream Report Key Features:

Data Access:

  • Over 60 interfaces to industrial and business data sources
  • File Imports for Data Acquisition (CSV files, Excel files)
  • Industrial Standards (OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA)
  • Business Standards (ODBC, OLE-DB)
  • Real-time Interfaces (Mitsubishi M-Net, Modbus, BACnet, and more.)

Data Analysis and Data Presentation:

  • Standard Analytics – Average, Max, Min & Statistical Functions
  • User Functions – Complete complement of Math and Logic Functions
  • Display Widgets – Trends, Tables, Graphic Objects, Operator Interfaces
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Vertical Market Functionality – Pharmaceutical 21 CFR Part 11,  Heat Treat Reports, Batch Reports, Building Automation Reports and many more.

Data Distribution:  

  • Printed Output – Multiple Printers & Backup Printers
  • File Output – Excel Output, PDF Output, Security, & File Management
  • FTP Delivery, Email Delivery, Web Portal Delivery


Dream Report Designer Studio

Dream Report Development Studio

The Designer Studio is  design to be used by everyone, from the plant engineer to your IT Professional. Its user interface enables all users to easily create powerful and flexible report templates. All configuration is done with the “Dream Report Object Toolbar” – No programming and No SQL. The object library integrates sophisticated and proven objects for fast and easy report functional and layout development.

Through the use of the Designer studio, users can define each report, with its own settings regarding report generation and distribution.


Dream Report Web PortalDream Report Web Portal Browser

The Dream Report Web Portal is ideal for distributing and sharing reports over the Internet/Intranet. Users can easily browse and display PDF reports from the current project or generate new reports on-demand using a Web browser. The portal can be customized and integrated in other web portals.  Features support report customization with alternate data sets, configurable start and end times, or Batch selections.


Mobile Device Support

Information to Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere requires support for Mobile Devices.  The Dream Report Web Portal is Mobile Device aware and will automatically support Smartphone and Tablet form factors with purpose built functionality in addition to the support for all popular Web Browsers.

Dream Report on SmartPhone


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