Water and Waste Water Compliance and Performance Reporting BrochureMonthly Operating Reports for Water and Waste Water Compliance – EPA and State

The creation of safe drinking water for public consumption carries with it the responsibility of documenting water quality and submitting that information to the state EPA.  These are Compliance Reports.  These submissions are typically called Monthly Operating Reports (MORs) and an take many forms from PDF files to Excel Workbooks and XML Data for eDMR and the like, uploads.

Monthly Operating Reports vary from state to state and also by size of plant (number of consumers of that water) and the sources of water.  Ground water from deep wells typically requires the least treatment for example, while surface water from reservoirs and rivers typically require greater levels of treatment.  But in all cases, compliance reporting is manditory.

The Monthly Operating Report captures a variety of information to highlight overall production, water quality (turbidity, pH), chemical usage, Operators involved, etc.

Automated Water Plant Monthly Operating Reports

The generation of Monthly Operating Reports is mandatory.  They are submitted to State EPA offices.  This is known as a compliance report, a report that is necessary to be in the business of water generation or water purification for discharge.

Reports are generated in a variety of ways and forms.  They can be generated manually if the water plant is small.  As plants grow in size and complexity, Monthly Operating Reports (MORs) generation typically becomes partially or completely automated.  In the case of complete automation, there is still the requirement for review and approval before final submission.  Submission takes many forms around the country from hard-copy to email and online data entry.

Solutions for Automated Water Plant Monthly Operating Report (MOR) Generation

The solutions for generating Monthly Operating Reports take many forms.  Most older systems are cobbled together with the use of BI (Business Intelligence) solutions such as Excel (with automation plugins), Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), or SAP Crystal Reports.  These BI solutions typically require a great deal of initial configuration and ongoing maintenance, usually performed through the use of external system integration resources.  As a result, these existing solutions are expensive to commission and maintain.

There are also purpose built solutions that will deliver a pre-configured state specific report.  These solutions are often much higher in initial cost, to counter the development and long term maintenance of state specific reports.  They do not adapt well to a wide range of additional report requirements that are increasingly accompanying the operation of water and waste water treatment plants.  These are performance reports, the reports that are needed to improve equipment performance and process reliability.  These include Asset Management Reports, Personnel Reports, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Reports, Billing Reports, Maintenance Reports, etc.

The ideal information solution will deliver the ability to quickly and easily generate any style of Monthly Operating Report, with configuration and maintenance that can be done by plant owner / operators or their system integration partners.  The solution will also be flexible enough to generate any additional reports and dashboards that the user may find beneficial with minimal effort.  The solution should not require technology domain experts or IT professionals for implementation.  The solution should also be 100% purpose built for use in industry, as opposed to repurposing business solutions like Excel or other database reporting products.  The integration of business tools such as Excel, or other generic business reporting solutions, with customization (programming and scripting) to fill in the technology gaps is not a recipe for success.  While low cost, in the form of a purchase, Excel based solutions are generally the most expensive to operate in terms of associated ongoing labor costs.

The leading solution for Water and Waste Water EPA ReportingDream Report is the Leading and the Best Solution for Water and Waste Water Monthly Operation Reports and Performance Dashboards

Dream Report is a purpose build report generation and dashboard solution designed to perfectly address the needs of your water or waste water plant monthly operating report, efficiently and automatically.  As the most recommended solution among leading vendors in the automation industry, Dream Report has proven itself as the solution of choice for this industry.

In fact, the requirements of water and waste water reporting make up approximately 30% of Dream Report sales on a global basis.  Dream Report is used in 1,000s of applications around the world.  The work we do to meet requirements of one industry lead to new features and benefits in other industries like Water and Waste Water.  To be clear, Dream Report is built to perfectly address the needs of the water and waste water marketplace.  But we’ve also worked hard to address other markets.  One in particular has strict requirements for version management, audit trails, report approvals with electronic signatures.  Another has the need to access information through Web browsers on networked computers, and on mobile devices.  Yet another has requirements to report on an event basis and not just a time basis.  As a result of our broad support for markets and vendors specific to each market, Dream Report is now the most comprehensive solution for reports and dashboards to manage the operation and monthly reporting requirements of water plants.  Our economy of scale delivers technology and a robustness that are hard to find in other water and waste water report and dashboard solutions.

Features of a Water and Waste Water Report Generator – Dream Report

  • Connectivity to all of your data from any source. This includes accessing data from file sources like Excel or CSV, in addition to relational databases and purpose built connectivity to automation vendor products.  Dream Report connectivity exceeds that available from any other reporting solution – currently over 80 interfaces.
  • Statistics purpose built for industry. Totalizations, averages, runtimes, percent utilization, cycle counts, meter calculations and rollover management.  Calculations based on times and events.
  • Dream Report delivers unparalleled support for time and event reference. Generate one report and specify statistics for the current month, last month, last quarter, last year, previous filter cycle, etc.  Run comparisons of one time or event to the next.  Compare this filter cycle to the last or that from a month ago quickly and easily.  Regenerate reports at any time.
  • Capture Manual Data. Dream Report can capture laboratory data entries, operator comments, maintenance logs, etc. and automatically incorporate that data into monthly operating reports and other reports that enhance the operation of your water plant.  Enter that manual data through the use of Excel Spreadsheets, Web portals and mobile devices.  Dream Report will capture and manage that data for you, in the database of your choice.
  • Generate and Manage Reports. Dream Report not only generates the required reports, it manages them for you.  You’ll have them archived in named directories, emailed to you, transferred as needed with FTP and you can access them through any Web browser.  Web portals are typically limited to intranet use (within your facility), but Dream Report has also been tested by Department of Homeland Security and is proven as a well-built Cyber-Ready solution.

Monthly Operating Report Contents

Monthly operating reports are comprised of a set of statistics that are compiled and presented in a variety of formats.  Statistics will include monthly maximums, minimums, averages, times of max – min – avg, daily and monthly totals, etc.  These calculations are generated over periods such as a day (mid-night to mid-night or otherwise), and they can also be generated over events such as a backwash cycle or manually selected periods.  Dream Report understands the operations of a water plant and can be configured to generate any of your statistics as needed, quickly and easily.

Monthly operating reports also include manually entered data.  This can be laboratory data from water samples.  It can also be maintenance data and operator log data.  Dream Report offers a variety of collection mechanisms for acquiring and managing this data which include the ability to extract data from Excel files and CSV files and accept data through browsers and mobile forms.  Dream Report delivers data validation by type of input (text, discrete and analog) and range.

The specification of a calculation is simple.  For example, a column of data would typically require the daily totalization of a flow followed by a column max, min and average and a monthly total.  Dream Report delivers a variety of table and display objects and the user simply selects the data source, typically a history database, selects the data tag and specifies the period and step of interest (last month of data with daily summaries).  Then specify the max, min, average and total in the footer.

Often, data must be entered into existing forms.  Dream Report offers the ability to perform calculations and enter the results into existing Excel forms.  If you’re using Excel today, you can combine the ease of use and calculation sophistication of Dream Report with the standard Excel forms you are required to submit to your state agency.


Training for Monthly Operating Reports

Ocean Data Systems, the makers of Dream Report, offers a program for system integration companies.  We train them and support them as they implement Dream Report projects for our customers.  We work with these professionals to make sure you can get the reports you need with the least amount of cost and effort.

Contact us and we’ll gladly host a product webinar, guide you through finding a partner, and managing the next steps in acquiring our market leading solution.


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