Dream Report is the leading INDUSTRIAL solution.

It’s a position we are quite proud of.  We work every day to justify and maintain that position in every market and every application.  But what does that really mean?  Let’s take a few moments to dig into it…

To be a World Leading solution, you need to get the job done, better than any other solution.  That’s Dream Report.  It starts with localization, available in 14 languages with the ability to switch on the fly – even based on user logins, and it ends with the connectivity to data sources, all automation statistics and flexible presentation in the forms that you need in your market, outputs in Database, PDF, CSV, Excel and Web pages.

The word INDUSTRIAL is very important.  In the automation marketplace, system integrators and end customers are often leveraging business tools to perform industrial tasks.  They’ve proven that to be a viable alternative, but not the best alternative.  Leveraging “Purpose Built” technology is a more logical approach and one that delivers the lowest long term cost of ownership, combined with enhanced ease of use.  For deeper dives into this area, look at our Business Tools article and our 36 Features article.

Finally, leading also means highest volume of sales, greatest market support, the most OEM resellers.  Dream Report meets that criteria as well.  Just have a look at the Dream Report OEM List, Proven Partner List and Where to Buy.

It is the support of the automation industry that brought Dream Report to the World’s Leading solution and we are very grateful for that!  For two years in a row, Dream Report has been recognized by the readers of Control Engineering and given an Engineers’ Choice Award.  Thank you!