December 2013 – OPC Foundation Newsletter – Highlights Ocean Data Systems as a new member.  We are proud to be working closely with the foundation and making sure our customers have the best OPC Connectivity.  Our Dream Report product offers OPC DA for Real-time data, OPC AE for Alarm and Event data and OPC HDA for Historic Data Access.


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OPC Foundation December 2013 Newsletter


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Ocean Data Systems joined the OPC Foundation in November 2013. New VP of Sales and Marketing, Roy Kok spoke to John Bentham about their report generation and data analysis product, Dream Report.

JB: Welcome to the OPC Foundation Roy and thanks for your time. Tell me a little about the company.

RK: I discovered Ocean Data Systems several months ago, while I was heading up Marketing at ARC Advisory Group. I quickly became passionate about the team and their product. The company was founded in 2005 and close to 100 man years of development has been invested in Dream Report. Product development is driven by our strategic goals and the feedback of customers. Teamwork has made Dream Report the exceptional product it is today. Through OPC and other connectors, it ties to all leading automation solutions and delivers both fixed and interactive reports, filed, emailed or delivered to an interactive Web Portal.

JB: Why did you join the OPC Foundation?

RK: Being a member ensures we stay on top of the latest technology for interoperability and have access to domain experts. We will be displaying the OPC Foundation Member Logo to highlight to customers that we take interoperability seriously and are dedicated to quality and long term support. The Foundation’s product directory will enable us to highlight our solution to potential users and we plan to take part in the wide variety of industry events that the Foundation organizes. We have a strong focus on OEM relationships and the OPC company directory will help guide us to the partners we should cultivate relationships with.

We’ve also joined the Control System Integrator Association (CSIA), so that we can highlight and educate the world of system integration to the capabilities and value added opportunities our product delivers. Automated reporting should be a part of every automation strategy, and not just viewed as a compliance requirement. Automated reporting and delivery removes the “Out of Sight – Out of Mind” phenomenum that hampers continuous improvement in organizations. I believe Dream Report will become the standard for automated reporting and data analysis in industry.