If Dream Report were an Element, Which one would it be? After watching one of my favorite series of all time, I started to wonder… Would it be Hydrogen?  It’s the simplest of all the elements.  It’s the most abundant element in the universe, an attribute of Hydrogen we are certainly attempting to achieve…  Hydrogen likes to react with other elements, turning them into compounds that are better and more useful (Water – H20 and sweet things like Sugar – C12H22O11.  Dream Report is certainly the simplest report and dashboard product to use in automation.  When combined with your other automaton systems, it makes your process run sweeter.

Might it be Carbon?  Carbon atoms form very elegant, symmetrical and strong shapes.  Carbon forms into diamonds, a most prized possession.  Carbon is also known as the building block of life.  We think these are all attributes ascribed to Dream Report.  Dream Report graphics are elegant and very pretty to look at.  Many users treat Dream Report as a prized possession. We think your life will be better by having Dream Report in it.

Could it be Gold?  Gold is an extremely stable element.  It’s an excellent conductor of electricity.  It’s the standard currency around the globe.  These too are similar to benefits in Dream Report.  Dream Report is a solid addition to your automation environment.  Dream Report is an excellent conductor of information and Dream Report is available around the world and in 14 languages.

One thing we know for sure.  Dream Report is NOT Unobtainium.  It’s real.  It doesn’t cost much and isn’t hard to find.  And like Unobtainium, Dream Report is the perfect element to add into any automation system.

We hope you enjoy our “Fun Friday” post.  Watch for others…