Dream Report version 5.0 R2 – Available to all 5.0 Customers

This release covers one major theme and delivers great value for 5.0 customers.   Administrator Productivity – New centralized management tools enable the configuration and management of visualization attributes, time definitions and document settings.

Advanced Visualization Manager

Advanced Visualization Manager

Advanced Visualization Manager

Create Visualization Conditions in one place and reference them throughout your various report and dashboard  objects.  In the past, visualization was only available at the object level.  Making changes in one place and referencing visualization conditions by name saves a tremendous amount of time, depending on your application, a 10x or more improvement in productivity and it makes system wide updates a simple and quick process, not to mention the avoidance of basic human errors.

Time Definition Manager

Create Time Schedules in one location and reference them in Reports – As with the Advanced Visualization Manager, making changes in one place and referencing conditions saves major amounts of time and reduces errors.

Report Settings Manager

Report Settings Manager

Search Report Names and Dynamic Tokens

For large applications, you can now use Search to quickly find the report you need, and search on your Object Names to make your selections, saving time and reducing errors.

A New Report Settings Panel

This feature lets you quickly review and make report settings changes.  It shows the configuration of your various reports, i.e. Scheduled, Event Triggered, PDF – Excel – XML – CSV -Web Output.

Additional features

These previous features make Dream Report 5.0 R2 unique in addressing Rockwell Automation applications with native connectivity not available in any other third-party products.  The central management features launch Dream Report user productivity way ahead of business products used in industrial applications.

Although the following are enhancements to existing functionality, they also benefit users greatly.

  • Chart object now offers precision settings and data value formats. See the data exactly as you wish.
  • CSV Driver can now filter and replace characters in the case of overlap with Dream Report reserved characters i.e. [ ]. Handle more applications – Proface Data Log Files for example.
  • Email Configuration now includes Send Test Email functionality.
  • HTTP: and HTTPS: support is now created automatically.
  • Report File Instances can now be stored in different file locations.
  • The Data Modeler now supports Descriptors and Units.
  • Custom Widgets support Dynamic Tokens.
  • New Custom Objects have been added – Now includes – 2 Gages, Trend, Pie, Value Range Indicator, Progress Bar, Retort, Time Scale, Value Scale, Gant Chart, Circle Chart, SQL Bar Chart.

Dream Report version 5.0 R2 is available at no cost to users of Dream Report 5.0.  Your existing license will work with Dream Report 5.0 R2 (This release is internally marked as 5.1, but will work with a 5.0 license).  If you are using an earlier version, please contact your Dream Report supplier for a version upgrade quote, or if you are on an Annual Support Agreement, contact them for your upgrade.


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