Consensus, the Key Ingredient to Good Business Decisions

Consensus, the Key Ingredient to Good Business Decisions

Whether the industrial world, or the business world, if you are striving for continuous improvement, then you need to empower your team with a consistent dataset on which to drive consensus.

Yet today, business operations are often based on variables that are accessed through dashboards, especially real-time dashboards.  And your view of a real-time dashboard will likely differ from another’s view – hence your decision may also be different from theirs.  Why?  Because dashboards drive are different versions of the truth, separated by time.  That risks the opportunity for consensus across teams, if they are basing those decisions solely on Dashboards, viewed at different times.

Dashboards are great, and everyone should be using them to ensure your business is directionally correct, but for foundational decisions, you need your team to have a consistent view of the business, ideally with automated generation of KPIs and automated distribution.  Everyone gets the same information, at the same time, and without their effort.  Ideally, information needs to be couched in context, additional comparison results that let users instantly understand if KPIs are ahead or behind goals.  Is there year over year progress?  How are costs comparing Month to Month, Batch to Batch, How is today’s data compared to yesterday at the same time?

While dashboards can generate much of this data, adding a significant level of context will require considerable additional computations and processing time, and multiplied across your team, that wasted effort, even just waiting for dashboard updates, can become a significant expense.  That’s why automated generation and delivery is so important.  The savings of even 10 minutes per day, across some of your team, turns into thousands of dollars per year.  And this needless cost is something that’s so easy to eliminate.

The solution is a Dashboard AND Report Generation solution.  Dashboards are there for day to day and run-time decisions, and Reports are there to deliver the one version of the truth you need to drive consensus on the strategic decisions.  And, reports are persistent and archivable, letting you refer to decisions of the past, with the information that drove your decisions.

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