September 29, 2014 LYON, France – Ocean Data Systems (ODS), the technology leader in automated reporting for industry, announced that Trihedral has partnered with ODS to provide seamless integration of Dream Report with VTScada.

Trihedral delivers VTScada, a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solution focused on instant productivity.  Trihedral is assisting ODS in the development of specialized Real-time, Alarm and Historic Data interfaces.  These interfaces will become a standard part of the Dream Report product.  The development of VTScada-specific interfaces within Dream Report, as opposed to leveraging generic interfaces such as OPC or ODBC, will extend that ease of use philosophy to include Dream Report configuration and operation.  As Proven Partners, Trihedral and ODS have tested their combined products and will collaborate to support their joint customers.

“We have 28 years of history in the development of our VTScada solution, and take partnerships with third parties very seriously,” explained Glenn Wadden, president of Trihedral. “We took a hard look at Dream Report to make sure that it met our standards of ease of use and quality, and have decided that a partnership with Ocean Data Systems would be in the best interest of our customers, especially those in the Water and Wastewater markets that we serve.  That’s why we commissioned specialized interfaces making the integration of VTScada and Dream Report as simple as possible for our customers. We’re particularly pleased with the way Dream Report supports VTScada’s unique tag hierarchy allowing users to easily find the tags they’re needing.”

“Trihedral clearly recognizes Dream Report as the ‘Best in Class’ solution for automated reporting,” said Roy Kok, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems.  “Dream Report will enable VTScada users to easily add both compliance and performance reports to their systems easier than any other solution for this market.  As a purpose built solution for industry, Dream Report enables users to spend their time focusing on information and continuous improvement, and not the complexities of IT technologies and system integration.”

About Ocean Data Systems

Founded in 2004, Ocean Data Systems (ODS) develops software solutions for industrial analytics and reporting. The product, Dream Report, is now the leading technology for automated data analysis and report generation with thousands of installations. Dream Report delivers connectivity to all major HMI/SCADA, Historian and business data sources through either proprietary or industry standard drivers.  Dream Report’s markets include process, hybrid and discrete, with special functionality for Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical and Biotech), Water, Wastewater, Heat Treating, Building Automation, Energy Management and Manufacturing Operations.

About Trihedral

Trihedral was founded in 1986 with the concept of helping users solve complex SCADA problems robustly and easily.  Customer success, both through outstanding support and unique product features, is core to Trihedral’s culture.  Trihedral is an independent organization, not affiliated with any hardware, allowing it to provide an open architecture and support for a wide variety of platforms. VTScada is used in water/wastewater, oil and gas, power, marine, broadcasting, food and beverage, manufacturing, airport solutions and many more.


Press Contact:
Roy Kok
VP Sales and Marketing – ODS
cell – 617-480-4989
Twitter @RoyKok