Reports and Dashboards for Building Automation and Facilities Management 

Building Automation System Reports and Dashboards - Performance MonitoringOcean Data Systems has created the ideal Report Generation and Data Analysis solution for Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Facilities Management.  We know – our customers have told us, guided us, and helped us perfect Dream Report for your most demanding applications.

“Dream Report is designed for the BAS/BMS market by the BAS/BMS market.”

We listened to your needs and we’ve addressed them head on.  Dream Report has all the tools required to monitor and deliver reports on your facility and equipment performance.  With Dream Report installed, you’ll be able to demonstrate just how smart your building can be.

Dream Report isn’t a combination of business tools augmented with connectivity and automation to get by in these applications.  Dream Report is a “Purpose Built” software product by a company that understands industry, your automation technologies, and your need for 24 x 7 x 365 reliability.

Dream Report is the reporting and data analysis solution, perfectly addressing the needs of this demanding vertical.

Typical Building Automation Reporting Applications:

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

The European Union (EU) guidelines for building performance.  The Directive 2002/91/EC, first published in 2002, requires all EU countries to enhance their building regulations and introduce energy certification processes for buildings. Dream Report is purpose built to deliver the analysis and formatting of data to meet the intent of the initial Directive and that of 2010/31/EU, an enhancement.

LEED EBOM-2009 EAc3.1: Performance Measurement

Building Automation System Performance Management guidelines from the US Green Building Council.  Dream Report will interface with all BAS and will format and deliver reports for performance and maintenance purposes.

Equipment Performance Monitoring

Dream Report delivers the statistics to calculate run-times, on-times, off-times, duty-cycles and evaluate operation against other variables.  Is equipment operation at expected levels for these ambient conditions or current occupancy?  Dream Report will let you know.

Energy Accounting

Dream Report knows how to analyze and totalize meter data, even after rollover conditions.  Dream Report is aware of fuels, BTU content and stoichiometric burning.  Dream Report can calculate building efficiencies and can calculate CO2 emissions.  You can use Dream Report for the analysis and reporting of water, gas, oil and other utilities, and calculate building energy signatures.  This includes the generation of specific energy certificates and water certificates that are required for posting on some public buildings.

Department or Tenant Reporting/Billing

The results of Dream Report data analysis and custom formatting can be delivered to any department or individual at any time and in many ways.

Equipment Maintenance

To be as cost effective as possible and reduce the possibility of downtime, equipment should be monitored, checked on a regular basis, and maintained based on duty cycle.  Dream Report delivers the math, logic and analysis to generate maintenance reports and work orders for effective management.

Security Reporting and Occupancy Tracking

With access to all business systems, in addition to the basic building automation, Dream Report can deliver reports of occupants and their whereabouts.


Integrate with All Existing BAS/BMS/FMS

Unlike traditional business intelligence solutions, Dream Report understands automation data.  Dream Report understands the structures that sources provide, data formats, time formats, alarm and message formats, and intelligently works with them all.  It can even write the results back to your systems.

Dream Report integrates with every building automation system through the over 60 interfaces including those for proprietary interfaces, industry standards and business (IT) standards.  Connectivity typically includes access to Real-time, Alarm and Historic Data.

Proprietary Interfaces

Specifically built for a particular product or solution.  Examples abound in Dream Report, and you can refer to our driver list for current connectivity.

Industry Standards

These include BACnet®, MODBUS and Open Protocols including OPC DA, OPC AE, and OPC HDA.  These standards provide connectivity to industrial automation and BAS/BMS products and also enable the use of various other interface solutions provided by third parties.  If you have a specific need, contact Ocean Data Systems for connectivity options.

Business Standards

Includes the unique ability to automatically read and import Comma Separated Variable (CSV) and Microsoft

Excel files.  Dream Report also will connect to local or remote Relational Database (RDB) sources through either Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or OLE-DB.  Dream Report understands both Historic Data Logs and Alarm Message Logs.

Once data drivers are in place, Dream Report abstracts all connectivity to simple Tags, your data names, to represent that stream of information.

Dream Report for Building Automation Systems Brochure


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