This job description has been created for your use.  Please feel free to copy and modify this job description for your business.

Job Title Continuous Improvement Advocate and Compliance Report Manager

Job Description – This is an immediate opening, and applies to each of our operating sites.  Some sites will have multiple openings.  Your responsibilities will include collecting data, analysis, formatting and the delivery of results to the stakeholders of our various businesses, providing them with the actionable information they need to make better and faster decisions, reduce scrap, improve quality, and maximize performance. The position will reduce the workload of other employees by lessening their reliance on ad-hoc analysis tools for individual data analysis. You will free other employees from the tedious and repetitive tasks of compliance report generation.


  • You will be trained by a peer, but then you will be expected to perform your functions without supervision.
  • You will Interface with all corporate data stores, both automation and business related.
  • Data replication is not to be allowed. Queries will be against all remote stores with proper authentication and security.
  • Collect remote files from various systems via FTP. These may be CSV, Excel and other data logs.
  • Import remote files and store/manage that data.
  • Query relevant data and generate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Deliver reports in various languages as stakeholders may require.
  • Format results to meet regulatory compliance report requirements.
  • Maintain the reports repository – deleting/archiving old information.
  • Manage the information access web portal – update as necessary.
  • Maintain security – organize reports and data access by logged-in user.
  • Respond to user ad-hoc information access requirements – instantly.
  • Deliver results in PDF, Excel and CSV forms – as soon as items are complete.
  • Meet rigorous report schedules – timed reports, batch reports.
  • Deliver information around the clock as needed by stakeholders, potentially on a global scale.
  • Manage manually entered data – validate entries – use results in reports and ad-hoc analysis.
  • Deliver signature approval blocks on key reports and manage collection of signatures.
  • Post results to the information Web portal.
  • Brand the information Web portal as needed for our various sites.
  • Maintain Web Portal and automatically refresh select Corporate KPI Dashboards.
  • Print, Email or FTP results to stakeholders.
  • Send results back to automation systems as needed.
  • Manage report versions and allow recall of previous reports.
  • Maintain an audit trail of all actions and operations.
  • You will learn and perform key statistics that are needed in our industry.
  • Some calculations are complex – Meters roll over, timed values must be integrated, various sites have very specific analysis requirements for Thermal Analysis (TUS), Lethality (FO), Fuel Energies and CO2 production, Statistical Process Control (SPC), etc.
  • Learn special requirements of some of our sites – EPA, FDA, LEEDS, EPBD, NADCAP, etc.
  • Manage security directly for smaller sites and leverage Microsoft Domain Security at larger sites.
  • You may be using any version of Windows Workstation or Server, on Microsoft’s supported list.
  • If one computer fails, you may be expected to switch to another computer instantly and automatically. Your work environment may also be virtual.
  • There may be times you will need to perform your duties in a Cloud.

Other benefits:

  • Health Insurance – None.
  • Vacation Time – None.
  • Work Shifts – All – Shift 1, 2 and 3 – no breaks, no lunch. This is a 24x7x365 position.
  • Salary – TBD based on individual site needs (Starting pay at $1,550 commensurate with your level of functionality. This is only a first year income.  Thereafter, roughly 18% of the first year salary per year thereafter, only if skills upgrades are desired.)  Reviews and raises are not to be expected.  You will receive additional duties as time progresses and you will be expected to keep up with the latest technologies.

Potential Target Hire – Dream Report, age 10.  Dream Report is well known in our industry and has worked for thousands of other companies.  Dream Report has experience at all levels of the organization, from plant floor operations up to the boardroom.  Dream Report has also lived in most countries around the globe, can currently speak 14 languages, and has experience with all of our existing automation and business systems.

Timing – Please negotiate with Dream Report and hire immediately.  You can access Dream Report at