Your customers rely on you to make important decisions on their behalf.  They’re over worked and under staffed.  They hire a System Integrator to help them with projects and they expect you to steer them in the directions that benefit them the most.

In the area of reports and dashboards, technology has been lacking.  Rightfully, you’ve steered them to Excel packages with automation add-ins or SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  You’ve made those solutions work with lots of extra time and effort.  Unfortunately, you’ve had to bill your customers for your time to integrate technology, because there was no better solution.  And with reports coming at the end of most projects, when time and money are running low, you’ve got a major area of risk that you’d love to avoid.

There’s a new kid on the block.  That kid is called Dream Report and it is purpose built for automation related reports and dashboards.  All industries and all applications.  It will handle all of your compliance and performance reports and dashboards, your manual data entry and your ad-hoc analysis, quickly and easily.

Dream Report is the RIGHT SOLUTION.  With Dream Report, you’ll still make just as much money working on reporting projects.  The difference is that you can stay focused on delivering end user value, instead of wasting integration time on technology, programming and scripting.  Your customers will certainly appreciate that focus.

Your customers will love Dream Report too.  They will have a solution that they can easily understand.  They’ll have a solution that they can tweak on their own.  You’ll not have those annoying extra visits, that creeping elegance at the end of a project that eats away at your profit margins.  And, you’ll be able to over-deliver, giving them the reports they ask for and also making them interactive, giving them the ability to drill into their data through a Web portal, even giving them the ability to work with their information using cell phones and tablets.  That’ll make you look great!

It’s easy with Ocean Data Systems.  We’ll provide free development software.  We’ll train you and support you.  We’re there for every application question.


We’re making a lot of noise. Your customers will hear about Dream Report.

Wouldn’t it be better if they hear about it from you?