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We’ve listened to you. We’ve heard what you want in features for your trade and we’ve delivered them in Dream Report and our System Integrator Program.

Of importance to Control System Integrators:


The Dream Report System Integrator Program


Our program delivers what you need, and gives you room to grow.  The Dream Report System Integration Program isn’t designed as a profit center.  Our margin comes from the initial product sale.  Ocean Data Systems wants to be your partner, supporting you in the applications you deliver and working with you to maximize your profits.

A link (further down the page) brings you to a sign-up form.  It captures your information, and we’ll be in touch to go over the details.

There are two levels of program.  The Basic Level is attractive to those that have a job to do, possibly maintenance on an existing system, or a new installation that isn’t very challenging.  With a good background with existing automation software solutions, you should be able to quickly learn what you need from our videos and by doing.  Dream Report is a remarkably powerful automated reporting tool that offers a great deal of capability and scalability.  This equates to $$$ opportunities in the right hands.  For this, we’ve introduced the “Endorsed System Integrator” level.  To be Endorsed, you need to be trained and show a level of proficiency through satisfied customers.  Ocean Data Systems will work with you to highlight your successes and drive additional business.

The two level System Integrator program:

 Feature  Basic SI Program  Endorsed Program
 Development License  1 Annual Fee (One License)  1 Annual Fee (Multi-License)
 Training  Online – Self Service Videos  2.5 Day Class – Two People
 Linked-In Group Invitation  Yes  Yes
 Website Listing  –  Yes
 Joint Marketing Services  –  Yes
 CSIA Members  –  Waived Renewal Fees
 References  –  2 / Year Required
 Logo  –  Endorsed SI Logo


Development License – For a small annual fee, we will supply you with a fully operational Dream Report System capable of 10,000 tag connectivity and 5 active Web Users (a $25,000 in Dream Report value).  All data connectors are included.  You’ll have access to all product enhancements while in the program.  The Basic level is limited to a single license while the Endorsed level delivers a license per trained developer.

Training – is available from Website Videos.  Our Endorsed level requires training in an authorized class.  Classes are typically held in conjunction with our OEM Channel Partners and training fees are set by them.  The training requires 2.5 days and we require two in attendance to qualify as Endorsed, unless otherwise specified.

Linked-In Group Collaboration – Dream Report integrators are invited to join our System Integrator group. This group is our mechanism for keeping you up to speed with our news, and engage with you on product features, benefits and enhancements.  It is also a place for our SI community to interact with each other.

Dream Report System Integrator Group in LinkedIn


Website Listing – The Endorsed Level brings with it a listing on the Ocean Data Systems Website – an opportunity to drive additional business your way.

Joint Marketing Services – We will help you market your successes.  We’ll work with you to develop application stories.  We’ll highlight and market report templates that you create, giving you the opportunity for expanded value from your development efforts.

CSIA Members – We believe strongly in CSIA as an organization to enable Control System Integrator success and are offering the additional benefit of waived annual renewal fees, as long as you have Ocean Data Systems and Dream Report as a competency in your CSIA Profile and on your company website.

References – We want the very best in our Endorsed System Integrator Program.  There is a requirement to provide ODS with two references per year to show an ongoing level of commitment and competency.

Endorsed System Integrator Logo – We’ve developed a Logo just for you, to highlight that you’ve made the grade and are a master of Dream Report.  You’ll also receive an Endorsed System Integrator Certificate.  As we continue to make improvements n our website and our partnership with CSIA, you’ll get additional benefits of listings with Ocean Data System’s Endorsements.  We’re here to help you highlight your expertise and get new business.

Dream Report Endorsed System Integrator LogoEndorsed System Integrator Certificate

Dream Report Product Features and Benefits for System Integrators

Product Delivery Through Partners You Already Have – Ocean Data Systems delivers its products through OEMs and their Sales Channels.  These are the companies that you do business with every day.  When you purchase Dream Report through one of them, you’ll be getting solution level support.  And, our license model ensures that there is adequate margin to reward all involved.

Ocean Data Systems Offers Excellent Support – We have your back.  We understand your questions in the context that you ask them.  We’ve all come from the world of automation and we know what systems integration entails.  If the going gets tough, you’ll be able to count on Ocean Data System’s technical support to guide you through.

Dream Report Template Locking – We know your time is worth money.  Ideally, your efforts should be recouped over many installations, and if you do great work, then that work will be of value to others.  Dream Report Templates can be locked with a Security Code.  They need to be unlocked when first installed on a Dream Report server.  This is an opportunity for System Integration companies to create, market and sell Dream Report templates.  Your deliverable – simply the report template and an unlock code.  Even better – Ocean Data Systems will do the marketing for you.  Keep an eye out for our Online Template Library (coming soon), a place for you to display your Dream Reports and a place to generate leads for new business.

Dream Report Deployment – Dream Report offers the ability to package an application and deploy it to a remote site.  This deployment may be the reports themselves or a complete installation of Dream Report with an associated application.  This feature is ideal for taking the time and trouble out of onsite work, letting you focus on the more important items of validation of the installation and the data connections.  Using the Dream Report Web Portal?  No worries – there is no setup involved – Dream Report configures and updates IIS for you.

Connectivity to More Data Sources than any other Industrial Reporting Solution – Dream Report is delivered with over 60 connectors.  These interfaces tap data sources for Real-time, Alarm and History data.  Dream Report interfaces include proprietary drivers to specific products and industry standards for broad connectivity.  Examples of standard interfaces include OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB.  With more data connectivity than any other reporting solution, you can be sure Dream Report is the one solution for any application you will come across.


Proven Partner Program – Designed to deliver collaborative support by the vendors involved, our Proven Partner program ensures that we have access to the latest technologies and vendor experts to deliver you the best possible product and support.

Read more about our Proven Partners


Ocean Data Systems is a Member of CSIA


In 2013, Ocean Data Systems joined the Control System Integrator Association (CSIA – www.controlsys.org). Being a member gives us the opportunity to connect with the “Best and the Brightest” in our industry. We want your input for product and program features and benefits. We want to ensure that Dream Report is the ideal solution for your report generation needs.

Read our press release on joining the CSIA.  


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