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One of these three items will justify Dream Report – but you get all three.

Today’s automation professional is challenged with continuous improvement and doing more with less. Budgets are tight. Labor is expensive and over-burdened. It’s becoming harder and harder to sift through the broad range of tools available in today’s marketplace. Business Intelligence is the catch phrase in the front office but your needs are centered around Industrial applications. While Business Intelligence tools are great at dealing with counts and currencies, you need a solution that does that and so much more… In the Industrial world, you need an Industrial Business Intelligence solution.

While most BI solutions are designed for the “Business” world, [...]

Attributes of the BEST Reporting Software

We recently went through the exercise of refining the value statements for Dream Report as it applies to reporting and analytics software.

Here is the result, as succinctly put as possible.

Dream Report is the best and most cost effective solution for reports and dashboards because:

“Insert Dream Report OEM” Chosen – Licensing, Support Programs, and Quality Managed by our OEM. This is their recommended solution to be added to EVERY customer installation.  They’ve wrapped Dream Report with their reputation and endorsement.
Built for all Industrial and Business data sources – Other products can’t get to all your data. Dream Report [...]

September 8th, 2016|Articles, ODS Partners, Reference|

Dream Report Version 4.7 Release – New Features

See a video about the new release

Even after 10 years, we’re finding exciting new ways to improve Dream Report.  We are on the cusp of a new era, where Dream Report transitions from Document Generation to Ad Hoc Analytics.  Version 4.7 is a major step in that journey, while also delivering solid enhancements to core functionality.
Our themes for this release are Market Expansion, Ease of Use and Ad Hoc Analysis.
Market Expansion -Not many new markets left.  Dream Report is already perfect for utilities and life sciences compliance reporting for EPA and FDA.  Dream Report is an awesome performance reporting [...]

Dream Report supports Johnson Controls Metasys N2 Communications

Dream Report Proven Partner Program Testing by the S4 Group:

The S4 Group and Ocean Data Systems recently conducted interoperability testing in the S4 test lab between the S Open: OPC-N2 Router and Ocean Data Systems – Dream Report package. Dream Report is a very popular solution for reports and dashboards in automation applications.  The building automation market is one of the many addressed by Dream Report and a collaboration with S4 Group enables Dream Report to connect with a broad range of Johnson Controls Incorporated (JCI) Metasys N2 network based systems.  The S4 offering is quite unique, enabling the [...]

November 12th, 2015|Articles, ODS Partners, TechNotes|

Dream Report is Awesome! Help us tell the WORLD!

2015 – Dream Report was a runner up for the Control Engineering “Engineers’ Choice” award.  So close and yet so far…

2016 – Ocean Data Systems is going for the gold!  We’ve been nominated again and we need your assistance to win.
10 Reasons why Dream Report is so great:

Tames your Ocean of Data – Turns terabytes of raw data into actionable results
Delivers instant value – Almost Immediate Payback. Generate your first report in under 5 minutes
Adds value to EVERY automation system. Who wouldn’t benefit from valuable KPIs?
Harmonizes your team. Everyone gets the data [...]

November 2nd, 2015|Articles, News, ODS Partners, Reference|

Dream Report version 4.64 is available to OEMs and ODS Customers

It’s a technically classified as a service pack and available to all 4.6 customers, but it also includes a number of great new features.  You can download it from the Ocean Data Systems site or your Dream Report OEM.  Please check with them on branded version availability.
See a PowerPoint of the new features.
The following is a list of new features and benefits:

A new look in many areas – You’ll notice a number of redesigned settings menus.  This will be the theme of our future releases, and it positions our product for great things to come, like web browser [...]

New Driver – SLMP Ethernet Protocol support for CC-Link

Ocean Data Systems is a partner of Mitsubishi Electric and strives to support their products as best we can.  With that in mind, we’ve recently added SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol), a feature of the CC-Link IE Field network that allows users to vertically integrate field devices with controllers to information systems. Standard Ethernet-compatible devices such as barcode readers and RFID scanners can be easily connected using SLMP over TCP/IP.  This protocol enables Dream Report to connect to both Mitsubishi and the world of vendors that already support SLMP protocol.

SLMP is a simple client/server type protocol that communicates with Ethernet [...]

5 of Top 10 Automation Companies and Ocean Data Systems

Control Magazine and ARC Advisory Group developed a list of the Automation Industry’s Top Dogs, the top 50 companies in the world, based on their automation based revenues.

Link to Top Automation Companies

What’s nice to see is that 5 of the top 10 companies have a relationship with Ocean Data Systems (ODS) and Dream Report.
The others?  Well, our work isn’t done.  🙂
The others are still using either Microsoft Excel with various automation Plug-ins, SAP’s Crystal Reports or Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  Some have developed their own solutions.

The industry is recognizing that Dream Report is a one [...]

Learning to Position and Sell Dream Report – Battle Card

9 Elements of a Battle Card
The marketing and sales of any product is enhanced when there is a clear understanding of the target customer, market, features, benefits, etc.  That’s where a Battle Card comes in.

The 9 elements of a Battle Card are:

Marketplace Conditions
Target Customers, Markets and Opportunities
Product Features
Competitor Analysis
Customer and Segment Specific Propositions
Objection Management
Golden Questions
Benefits and Success Stories
Additional Information

Download the Dream Report Battle Card Document

The Dream Report Battle Card Details

Marketplace Conditions
We are in the Fourth revolution of automation.  The first revolution came with Programmable Control Systems.  The second revolution [...]

April 6th, 2015|Articles, ODS Partners|

Attributes of a Modern Employee

The fast pace of change brings us new opportunity every day.  This is especially true for the technologies that influence what we do and how we do things.  The pace is accelerating and there are those that keep pace and those that fall behind.  This article covers the attributes that I look for and respect in employees and business partners and the tools we should be leveraging.

Embrace Change

As already mentioned, change is today’s constant.  Change is being driven by new technologies, by greater levels of competition and by a global marketplace.  In many cases, work is no longer a 9 to [...]

February 26th, 2015|Articles, ODS Partners|
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