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This Blog contains all things relevant to Dream Report in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech marketplace.

One of these three items will justify Dream Report – but you get all three.

Today’s automation professional is challenged with continuous improvement and doing more with less. Budgets are tight. Labor is expensive and over-burdened. It’s becoming harder and harder to sift through the broad range of tools available in today’s marketplace. Business Intelligence is the catch phrase in the front office but your needs are centered around Industrial applications. While Business Intelligence tools are great at dealing with counts and currencies, you need a solution that does that and so much more… In the Industrial world, you need an Industrial Business Intelligence solution.

While most BI solutions are designed for the “Business” world, [...]

New Dream Report Software Release Version 4.8

New Dream Report Software Release
Industrial Enterprise Ready with Multi-User Development
May 9, 2017 – Ocean Data Systems (ODS), the market leader in automated reporting and corporate dashboards for industry, announced the release of Dream Report version 4.8.  Multi-user and concurrent development now makes Dream Report the ideal solution for the industrial enterprise.

Dream Report continues to expand its target market, adding large corporate installations to the mix.  These environments require one or more Dream Report servers with the ability to support remote and concurrent development.  By default, a Dream Report server will now support a local or remote developer.  [...]

Success Story – Finesse Solutions: Dream Report Meets 21CFRPart11

Finesse Solutions of Santa Clara, California, with offices around the world, is a leading supplier of bioreactor components and solutions.  With over 10 years’ experience in bioreactor sensors and systems, Finesse has a good handle on the needs of their market.  When it came to reporting on bioreactor operation, Finesse chose Dream Report as the solution for their customers.

Bioreactors are designed to deliver the optimum growth environment for cells or bacteria.  They deliver the environment used in the biotechnological production of substances such as replacement cells, pharmaceuticals, antibodies, or vaccines.  This production requires a tightly controlled combination of temperature, [...]

The areas of the Magic in Dream Report

There are many attributes of Dream Report that make it special.  But when asked “What is the most powerful aspect of Dream Report?”, the answer is in how it processes data into informative results.

There are many steps to delivering information.  Dream Report excels in each category:

Data Interfaces – Dream Report delivers over 70 interfaces; proprietary drivers to products, automation industry standard and business standard interfaces. With its broad range of interfaces, Dream Report is sure to interface with your data sets.  When you generate a report or dashboard, Dream Report will query the source and process that data [...]

Dream Report for ALL Industrial Automation Vertical Markets

Ocean Data Systems is often asked where Dream Report is used the most.  The answer is a simple one, everywhere.  The reason is that every application and every organization benefits from the availability of information that Dream Report will deliver.  In addition, being a document generation solution, Dream Report creates a history of past results that form the basis for continuous improvement.  Finally, when oddities appear that need further investigation, the analysis tools delivered through the Dream Report Web Portal let you drill deeper and get to the root cause.

Fundamentally, there are two reasons for creating reports and dashboards.

The [...]

Dream Report Version 4.72 – What’s New

Dream Report version 4.72 is another great step in our product evolution.  It delivers a wide variety of features, something for everyone.
Main themes for this release:

Access to more information, instantly via the Web Portal
Dream Report Objects get more powerful and flexible
Universal Templates for Water and Wastewater
New Driver Support – Access to High Level Objects from third-party products
Lots of additional enhancements based on customer requests

Drill-downs & Raw Data Hyperlinks
Linking one set of results to additional information with a single click is one of the most important ways to achieve [...]

Loparex – World’s Leading Supplier of Release Liners and Dream Report

Release liners are the backings to many of the products that you use every day.  Loparex is a leading, global manufacturer of silicone release liners, used in a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive applications.

Loparex currently runs 7 manufacturing locations around the world.  These locations are responsible for the manufacturing of hundreds of products.

Their Iowa City, Iowa plant wanted to upgrade the reporting capabilities on one of their large converting lines. This production line manufactures large rolls of liner material that can be valued at several thousand dollars. The process it performs is coating the material with a thin [...]

Success Story – Lifeway – Delivering Kefir Probiotic Products

Lifeway Foods, a public company (LWAY) based in Morton Grove, IL. USA is the maker of kefir and other probiotic foods for Healthy Eating™.  Lifeway’s product lines are devoted to specialty dairy foods for health-conscious consumers, including probiotic cultured products and functional foods.  Today, products are produced in one of four plants, three in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.  These plants have varying levels of automation.  Their most automated plant is based on GE Digital products – iFIX, Historian and IGS, with PLC5  and ControlLogix® controllers by Rockwell Automation.

The making of kefir probiotic products involves the management of and growth [...]

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    36 Factors Make a 5 STAR Industrial Report and Dashboard Solution

36 Factors Make a 5 STAR Industrial Report and Dashboard Solution

In the past, business products were used to generate industrial reports and dashboards.  These included Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SAP Crystal Reports.  Now, Dream Report is the leading “Purpose Built” solution for industrial reports and dashboards.  But what does “Purpose Built” mean?  It’s not just “Industrial Grade.”
The Obvious Ones:

Connectivity to Industrial Data Sources (Business connectors too)

Integrate Multiple Sources into One Report

Providing “Industrial” Statistics “Out of the Box”
Special Support for Vertical Markets

Water and Wastewater – ALL EPA Reports – State and Federal
Life Sciences – 21 CFR Part 11
Aerospace, Automotive Parts – [...]

Dream Report Version 4.7 Release – New Features

See a video about the new release

Even after 10 years, we’re finding exciting new ways to improve Dream Report.  We are on the cusp of a new era, where Dream Report transitions from Document Generation to Ad Hoc Analytics.  Version 4.7 is a major step in that journey, while also delivering solid enhancements to core functionality.
Our themes for this release are Market Expansion, Ease of Use and Ad Hoc Analysis.
Market Expansion -Not many new markets left.  Dream Report is already perfect for utilities and life sciences compliance reporting for EPA and FDA.  Dream Report is an awesome performance reporting [...]

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