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Success Story – Finesse Solutions: Dream Report Meets 21CFRPart11

Finesse Solutions of Santa Clara, California, with offices around the world, is a leading supplier of bioreactor components and solutions.  With over 10 years’ experience in bioreactor sensors and systems, Finesse has a good handle on the needs of their market.  When it came to reporting on bioreactor operation, Finesse chose Dream Report as the solution for their customers.

Bioreactors are designed to deliver the optimum growth environment for cells or bacteria.  They deliver the environment used in the biotechnological production of substances such as replacement cells, pharmaceuticals, antibodies, or vaccines.  This production requires a tightly controlled combination of temperature, [...]

The areas of the Magic in Dream Report

There are many attributes of Dream Report that make it special.  But when asked “What is the most powerful aspect of Dream Report?”, the answer is in how it processes data into informative results.

There are many steps to delivering information.  Dream Report excels in each category:

Data Interfaces – Dream Report delivers over 70 interfaces; proprietary drivers to products, automation industry standard and business standard interfaces. With its broad range of interfaces, Dream Report is sure to interface with your data sets.  When you generate a report or dashboard, Dream Report will query the source and process that data [...]

Natural Gas Distribution Monitoring with Dream Report

When presented with an opportunity to deliver a natural gas reporting system for their local municipalities, Howard Engineering reviewed the alternatives and selected Dream Report.

Key aspects involved in these projects included:

Interfacing to SQL databases with Daily RTU Data
Interfacing to AutoSol EFM data
Delivering Reports to various customers
Reports in PDF and Excel formats
Support scattered reporting schedules
Offer real-time updates
Support PC and Mobile devices

Ease of use, reliability, flexibility and overall cost effectiveness are foundational requirements that cannot be understated.

Donnie Howard of Howard Engineering had previous experience with most common business [...]

November 2nd, 2016|Articles, Oil and Gas, Reference|

Dream Report – The right solution to satisfy every level of your organization

The three groups typically involved in any automation business Reports and Dashboard decision are Corporate Management, Operations and IT.

Corporate Management has the purse strings and wants a clear Return on Investment (ROI) to rank this project among others that are being considered.

Managers have the following concerns in selecting a solution:

The solution must deliver value to the organization (ROI)
Time to value must be reasonable – installation on time and under budget
Proven reliability to become a part of the day to day operations
Deliver on the KPIs to reduce cost, improve quality, increase agility and [...]

October 26th, 2016|Articles|

Attributes of the BEST Reporting Software

We recently went through the exercise of refining the value statements for Dream Report as it applies to reporting and analytics software.

Here is the result, as succinctly put as possible.

Dream Report is the best and most cost effective solution for reports and dashboards because:

“Insert Dream Report OEM” Chosen – Licensing, Support Programs, and Quality Managed by our OEM. This is their recommended solution to be added to EVERY customer installation.  They’ve wrapped Dream Report with their reputation and endorsement.
Built for all Industrial and Business data sources – Other products can’t get to all your data. Dream Report [...]

September 8th, 2016|Articles, ODS Partners, Reference|

Dream Report Training, by ODS, Now available in Massachusetts and Texas

Ocean Data Systems is pleased to announce the addition of two new training classes, to be held in Burlington Massachusetts in September and Dallas Texas in November.

New to Dream Report?  This is the class you’ll need to get up to speed quickly.  There are many ways to learn Dream Report.  Some watch our YouTube videos.  Others read our extensive user documentation.  The easiest way to learn, by far, is through our instructor lead 2 and 1/2 day hands on class.  It’s time well spent.  You’ll be in a state of the art training facility and away from the hustle and [...]

July 12th, 2016|Articles, News|

The World’s Leading INDUSTRIAL Reporting Software

Dream Report is the leading INDUSTRIAL solution.
It’s a position we are quite proud of.  We work every day to justify and maintain that position in every market and every application.  But what does that really mean?  Let’s take a few moments to dig into it…

To be a World Leading solution, you need to get the job done, better than any other solution.  That’s Dream Report.  It starts with localization, available in 14 languages with the ability to switch on the fly – even based on user logins, and it ends with the connectivity to data sources, all [...]

June 21st, 2016|Articles, Reference|

Dream Report for ALL Industrial Automation Vertical Markets

Ocean Data Systems is often asked where Dream Report is used the most.  The answer is a simple one, everywhere.  The reason is that every application and every organization benefits from the availability of information that Dream Report will deliver.  In addition, being a document generation solution, Dream Report creates a history of past results that form the basis for continuous improvement.  Finally, when oddities appear that need further investigation, the analysis tools delivered through the Dream Report Web Portal let you drill deeper and get to the root cause.

Fundamentally, there are two reasons for creating reports and dashboards.

The [...]

Dream Report Success Stories – World’s Leading Industrial Reporting Software

Dream Report offers the easiest way to:

Extract data from any source
Generate custom reports
Publish reports online for anyone, anywhere

See why companies are raving about Dream Report by viewing any of the success stories below.


Bear Republic Brewing Co.
Carollo Engineers
Preferred Utilities

“Dream Report and Wonderware software solutions help Bear Republic Brewing Company – located in one of the communities hardest hit by the drought – understand and reduce their water use.”
“Dream Report is a product that was designed to do this work and it makes the task very easy. All the capabilities are [...]

June 17th, 2016|Articles, Reference|

Dream Report Version 4.72 – What’s New

Dream Report version 4.72 is another great step in our product evolution.  It delivers a wide variety of features, something for everyone.
Main themes for this release:

Access to more information, instantly via the Web Portal
Dream Report Objects get more powerful and flexible
Universal Templates for Water and Wastewater
New Driver Support – Access to High Level Objects from third-party products
Lots of additional enhancements based on customer requests

Drill-downs & Raw Data Hyperlinks
Linking one set of results to additional information with a single click is one of the most important ways to achieve [...]

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