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Water and Waste Water Example Templates

There are three reasons Water and Waste Water customers want a solution like Dream Report.

First, there are reports mandated by regulatory agencies.  This requirement is the most likely driver of Dream Report selection and the Water and Waste Water industry is by far the most regulated in this respect.

The second driver for information comes from the need to generate information that helps you run your plants better.  These can be reports about equipment operation, energy or chemical utilization or maintenance.  While Compliance information is mandated, the data you must have, Performance data is the real data that you want [...]

August 23rd, 2017|Articles, Water & Wastewater|

One of these three items will justify Dream Report – but you get all three.

Today’s automation professional is challenged with continuous improvement and doing more with less. Budgets are tight. Labor is expensive and over-burdened. It’s becoming harder and harder to sift through the broad range of tools available in today’s marketplace. Business Intelligence is the catch phrase in the front office but your needs are centered around Industrial applications. While Business Intelligence tools are great at dealing with counts and currencies, you need a solution that does that and so much more… In the Industrial world, you need an Industrial Business Intelligence solution.

While most BI solutions are designed for the “Business” world, [...]

Automated and Delivered Enhances Context Delivery with Your KPIs

Generating a KPI is a valuable thing.  Putting that KPI into Context makes it actionable.  That is the challenge of today’s industrial intelligence or industrial business intelligence products.

There are several challenges in generating high quality industrial business intelligence.  Let’s outline some of them:

Generate “Industrial” statistics – Business solutions are good at counts and currencies while industrial solutions know the intricacies of industrial statistics; meters and PLC Registers roll over, rate variables need to be integrated – not summed, and there are a host of vertical market statistics that need to be supported.
Automation Data includes TVQ – [...]

May 31st, 2017|Articles|

The Business Case for “Automated and Delivered” Industrial Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) products are all the rage these days. The industrial world brings additional challenges with its unique data sources, access methods and calculations. While the business world revolves around counts and currencies, the industrial world involves many more calculations and data sets that drive the need for specialized “Industrial” Business Intelligence (I-BI).

Most process engineers are spending time with basic tools for data analysis. These tools are often comprised of Excel Add-ins, or other Historian client tools for trending, exporting and analysis. While valuable for troubleshooting and quick and easy to use, these tools do take some time, [...]

May 24th, 2017|Articles|

An “Industrial” Report Generator – That’s the BETTER way.

If you’re like most industrial report customers, you’re being pushed to deliver a report, likely due to some regulation. That can be EPA, FDA, or any of a slew of other agencies or recommenders of best practices.

In many applications, Reports are a requirement. We call those compliance reports. That’s true of water and waste water markets, life sciences, food and beverage. These and many other markets all have quality requirements that demand documentation. Other reports may be for billing purposes or custody transfer, common requirements for energy industries, the power, oil and gas markets. That demand has been the [...]

April 28th, 2017|Articles|

Command Line and Web Service Interfaces – Integrating Dream Report with Other Products

Designed for the industrial world, Dream Report offers both Command Line automation as well as Web Service automation.
Command Line Automation
The Dynamic Report Generator (DRG) can generate predefined reports for the currently running project, changing report definition properties at runtime, such as the time period and item.  All dynamic modifications of the report properties will be done only for that specific report execution and will not be saved in the report layout.  If you have a running project containing a daily report, and you generate this report using DRG, applying a new period of 1 hour, for example, [...]

April 21st, 2017|Articles|

Success Story – Finesse Solutions: Dream Report Meets 21CFRPart11

Finesse Solutions of Santa Clara, California, with offices around the world, is a leading supplier of bioreactor components and solutions.  With over 10 years’ experience in bioreactor sensors and systems, Finesse has a good handle on the needs of their market.  When it came to reporting on bioreactor operation, Finesse chose Dream Report as the solution for their customers.

Bioreactors are designed to deliver the optimum growth environment for cells or bacteria.  They deliver the environment used in the biotechnological production of substances such as replacement cells, pharmaceuticals, antibodies, or vaccines.  This production requires a tightly controlled combination of temperature, [...]

The areas of the Magic in Dream Report

There are many attributes of Dream Report that make it special.  But when asked “What is the most powerful aspect of Dream Report?”, the answer is in how it processes data into informative results.

There are many steps to delivering information.  Dream Report excels in each category:

Data Interfaces – Dream Report delivers over 70 interfaces; proprietary drivers to products, automation industry standard and business standard interfaces. With its broad range of interfaces, Dream Report is sure to interface with your data sets.  When you generate a report or dashboard, Dream Report will query the source and process that data [...]

Natural Gas Distribution Monitoring with Dream Report

When presented with an opportunity to deliver a natural gas reporting system for their local municipalities, Howard Engineering reviewed the alternatives and selected Dream Report.

Key aspects involved in these projects included:

Interfacing to SQL databases with Daily RTU Data
Interfacing to AutoSol EFM data
Delivering Reports to various customers
Reports in PDF and Excel formats
Support scattered reporting schedules
Offer real-time updates
Support PC and Mobile devices

Ease of use, reliability, flexibility and overall cost effectiveness are foundational requirements that cannot be understated.

Donnie Howard of Howard Engineering had previous experience with most common business [...]

November 2nd, 2016|Articles, Oil and Gas, Reference|

Dream Report – The right solution to satisfy every level of your organization

The three groups typically involved in any automation business Reports and Dashboard decision are Corporate Management, Operations and IT.

Corporate Management has the purse strings and wants a clear Return on Investment (ROI) to rank this project among others that are being considered.

Managers have the following concerns in selecting a solution:

The solution must deliver value to the organization (ROI)
Time to value must be reasonable – installation on time and under budget
Proven reliability to become a part of the day to day operations
Deliver on the KPIs to reduce cost, improve quality, increase agility and [...]

October 26th, 2016|Articles|
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