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Dream Report Newsletter – November 2017

Yes, we are working hard to “Tame Your Ocean of Data,” here at Ocean Data Systems.  Too hard in fact and our newsletter has fallen behind.  So much to tell since the last!  There’s a new release of Dream Report.  As usual, Dream Report’s in the news.  We need your VOTE, and so much more.

Dream Report 4.81 is released
While primarily a maintenance release and available to all 4.8 users, you know that we always add in new functionality to sweeten the pot.  This is no exception! This release includes major productivity enhancements in the form of exports, [...]

November 29th, 2017|Articles, News|

Dream Report Nominated for 2018 Engineers’ Choice Award

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We are very proud to announce that Dream Report has been nominated and accepted for the 2018 Control Engineering Magazine, Engineers’ Choice Award.

The Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards highlight some of the best new control, instrumentation and automation products as chosen by Control Engineering’s print and online subscribers. Survey respondents are asked to select products based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact.

Software – Asset management, reporting

AMS Device View field device monitoring of diagnostics and calibration status, Emerson Electric Co.,
Uniformance Connected Historian scalable cloud and Big Data [...]

Dream Report 4.81 is Released

Version 4.81 is finished and ready for Download.  This release, technically a maintenance release, is available to all version 4.8 users.  In addition to addressing a long list of customer software change requests, this release also delivers on a new feature theme of “Productivity.”

The main new features of Dream Report are designed to assist customers with scaling Dream Report applications over many company assets or sites.  Applications with repetitive requirements benefit greatly from search and replace tools and export and import functions.  These have been greatly enhanced in version 4.81 and users can use these new features to quickly [...]

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Reporting

One of the many capabilities of Dream Report is its ability to take raw process and equipment data, and present it in the specific context of a problem that needs to be solved.  In the case of Overall Equipment Performance (OEE) reporting, Dream Report can utilize raw machine state data (Running/Not Running, or simply, 0’s and 1’s) to calculate machine availability, and hence OEE, over any defined/planned production time period.
OEE % = Availability * Performance * Quality
When configuring an OEE report in Dream Report, the following approach is recommended:

Connect to a data source(s) that contain machine [...]

Water and Waste Water Example Templates

There are three reasons Water and Waste Water customers want a solution like Dream Report.

First, there are reports mandated by regulatory agencies.  This requirement is the most likely driver of Dream Report selection and the Water and Waste Water industry is by far the most regulated in this respect.

The second driver for information comes from the need to generate information that helps you run your plants better.  These can be reports about equipment operation, energy or chemical utilization or maintenance.  While Compliance information is mandated, the data you must have, Performance data is the real data that you want [...]

One of these three items will justify Dream Report – but you get all three.

Today’s automation professional is challenged with continuous improvement and doing more with less. Budgets are tight. Labor is expensive and over-burdened. It’s becoming harder and harder to sift through the broad range of tools available in today’s marketplace. Business Intelligence is the catch phrase in the front office but your needs are centered around Industrial applications. While Business Intelligence tools are great at dealing with counts and currencies, you need a solution that does that and so much more… In the Industrial world, you need an Industrial Business Intelligence solution.

While most BI solutions are designed for the “Business” world, [...]

Automated and Delivered Enhances Context Delivery with Your KPIs

Generating a KPI is a valuable thing.  Putting that KPI into Context makes it actionable.  That is the challenge of today’s industrial intelligence or industrial business intelligence products.

There are several challenges in generating high quality industrial business intelligence.  Let’s outline some of them:

Generate “Industrial” statistics – Business solutions are good at counts and currencies while industrial solutions know the intricacies of industrial statistics; meters and PLC Registers roll over, rate variables need to be integrated – not summed, and there are a host of vertical market statistics that need to be supported.
Automation Data includes TVQ – [...]

May 31st, 2017|Articles|

The Business Case for “Automated and Delivered” Industrial Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) products are all the rage these days. The industrial world brings additional challenges with its unique data sources, access methods and calculations. While the business world revolves around counts and currencies, the industrial world involves many more calculations and data sets that drive the need for specialized “Industrial” Business Intelligence (I-BI).

Most process engineers are spending time with basic tools for data analysis. These tools are often comprised of Excel Add-ins, or other Historian client tools for trending, exporting and analysis. While valuable for troubleshooting and quick and easy to use, these tools do take some time, [...]

May 24th, 2017|Articles|

An “Industrial” Report Generator – That’s the BETTER way.

If you’re like most industrial report customers, you’re being pushed to deliver a report, likely due to some regulation. That can be EPA, FDA, or any of a slew of other agencies or recommenders of best practices.

In many applications, Reports are a requirement. We call those compliance reports. That’s true of water and waste water markets, life sciences, food and beverage. These and many other markets all have quality requirements that demand documentation. Other reports may be for billing purposes or custody transfer, common requirements for energy industries, the power, oil and gas markets. That demand has been the [...]

April 28th, 2017|Articles|

Command Line and Web Service Interfaces – Integrating Dream Report with Other Products

Designed for the industrial world, Dream Report offers both Command Line automation as well as Web Service automation.
Command Line Automation
The Dynamic Report Generator (DRG) can generate predefined reports for the currently running project, changing report definition properties at runtime, such as the time period and item.  All dynamic modifications of the report properties will be done only for that specific report execution and will not be saved in the report layout.  If you have a running project containing a daily report, and you generate this report using DRG, applying a new period of 1 hour, for example, [...]

April 21st, 2017|Articles|
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